Monday, March 3, 2014

Elder Edward Dube came to our Ward!

African Sunset
Baptism of Michael, Jones and Van Ike

Dolphin Accident

Scorpion in the Shower
March 3, 2014


Dang that is so awesome about Brittany! Tell her I wish I could be there as well for her baptism! I’ll be praying for her! This week has been good! Just a normal week and we tried to work with some of our serious investigators and then look for new "elect " people in New Town to help the branch grow, whenever it starts. We have some really nice people! This Saturday we should be having a baptism for a lady name Nanah, and her daughter Jessica, then also a man named Yaw (a Thursday Born). This week is going to be so busy with transfers then Mission Leadership Meeting and other interviews I need to go and do for the district leaders at the end of the week! I’m just praying that I can work as hard as I can and the Lord will help me accomplish the rest! We also have a temple trip Saturday morning that I’m super pumped for! The sun is getting so hot here right now!!! Also I forgot to tell you that a husband and wife that Elder Steinman and I were teaching in Kpong before I got transferred got baptized! I was so happy for them!

Sunday we had Elder Edward Dube come to our ward and it was so awesome to meet him again and shake his hand then talk Small (African dialect) with him! I always love meeting GA, but there is always something different I feel when I meet an African GA! I think maybe it’s because they are converts to the chruch, or something like that! It’s hard to explain! It also could be that I love the African people so much. I hope that makes sense.

 One thing that was hard to see is one of our investigators was telling us about her life and how much money belongs to her name! Each day she works for money to provide for her and her family. If she doesn’t sell the fish then she and her family will have a tough day! Its so sad, but awesome to see the faith of these people here! But God is always in charge!! And they love their lives!

Well family I love you very much! I’m not sure what will happen this transfer but we will see! It will be tough if Elder Strong and I get transferred because it was awesome to be with him! We are like best friends now! love ya!

Elder Eppich
March Madness Bracket

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