Monday, October 27, 2014

"Working Hard to Finish Strong"

October 27, 2014


Well this week was a great week for us here in Hohoe! Elder Zaugg and
I really worked hard and were blessed for our work and efforts! We had
a total of 23 heads at the church! (not including children) so we were
super happy! We actually looked more like a Branch then a Group! We
were very happy, but are still facing a lot of struggles! But it is all

Elder Zaugg and I are both trying to stay focused so we can finish the mission

We have set the date of November 29th for our temple trip!
 (First temple trip ever for Hohoe) we are
praying for a successful trip and lots of attendance! The members here are
very excited and can't wait to enter the temple! It will really bless
all of us here to attend the temple. One problem is my temple recommend
expires like on the 20th of November or some time around there! It's crazy
that 2 yrs have already gone by! Yes, we will take tro tro and if we
leave super early we can make it to Accra in 6 hours or so.

The work here is still keeping us busy! This week we had multiple
occasions where we were sitting down with one person teaching them,
and within 15 mins we would have 4-5 people that would be teaching. 
It's awesome. I’m curious how it would be if we were like the missionaries 
at the early times of the church and stood on something on the street corner and
started to preach to people.  For sure we would get a lot of peoples
heads  to turn! They would be thinking "what the heck are these white
people doing here!" haha anyways...

All missionaries fly out 10 pm the day before their release date that
are going to US. Most likely I'll get home late afternoon on the 10th,
but that is my understanding just from when I was an Assistant, it may
have changed.

Gosh I don’t really remember what else has happened this last week.
Sorry I didn’t take notes of things that I wanted to email the family
and loved ones back home. Just know that I love you all and miss you!
And I know that these last few weeks I need to work hard and finish
strong! The last few weeks of my mission will shape the rest of my
life and I have high hopes and goals for when I get home! 

Much love

Elder Eppich

Monday, October 20, 2014

"Stay True and Faithful"

October 20, 2014


We'll this last week we worked really hard and had a good/bad turn out on Sunday. We had the lowest amount of investigators at church but the highest amount of members, with 13 including Elder Zaugg and I! So that was pretty awesome to see! Maxwell came and was confirmed by brother Daniel and then I was able to ordain him a priest after our 2 hour service. (We only have sacrament and Sunday school because not enough people to run everything)  It was such a sweet experience.  We ordained him with the Aaronic Priesthood so Daniel, brother Gameli and Jonathan plus Elder Zaugg and I all laid our hands on his head. It was a great experience because most of the members haven't seen this done or even participated in it. Brother Jonathan was so happy to participate in it!  His wife didn't come to church this week so we are going to postpone her baptism to next week.

We are planning a temple trip in November. It will be the first ever for HOHOE so it will be so sweet. We are hoping for a good turnout and that everything works out! That will be another awesome experience for Elder Zaugg and I to witness and be a part of! The internet is really poor today and so it isn't easy to write a long email. Sorry. We were able to give a priesthood blessing to an investigator who was really sick and the next few days he was up and going so that really strengthened him and us on the power of the Priesthood!

Well family I love you all and hope you have a great week! Dad I'll be praying for you and your surgery this week! Love you all. Stay true and faithful.

Elder Kade Eppich

Monday, October 13, 2014

"Pray for guidance in your life to be led to someone that needs your help"

Maxwell's baptism

October 13, 2014


Well another nice little week for us here in Hohoe! We are actually in Ho right now because of a Zone Training Meeting tomorrow so we came down to Ho last night and stayed at the Cosgrave’s and then had a legit game of football this morning! But it’s starting to get super hot again here because the rainy season is coming to an end. Anyway, the week was good! Elder Hammond’s (Missionary from Ghana serving in the Kennewick WA Mission) father and Mother drove all the way up to Hohoe to visit me! It was awesome to see them and they were so nice! They brought us some nice food and drinks from Accra to enjoy :) we took some nice pictures but I’m not sure if they forwarded them to you. I am at a nice cafe now so I will send some of them to you.

We were also very pleased to witness brother Maxwell’s baptism yesterday! It was a great day for all of us to remember! He called us over 6 weeks ago for us to teach him and he was asking questions about traveling to the US and generally when someone asks that you know they aren’t serious because they just want to travel. But over the span of 6 weeks we saw a not serious man turn into something great! It was just so sweet to witness it! He was coming to mid week service every week, clean up on Saturdays, and also there is a little message group of all the members in Hohoe and they all chat through out the week and he was on the list. Daniel would show us the things he would say on the chat group and they were so sweet! He is sincere and he wanted to change his life around! He even wants to further his education and so he started to get on top of all those other things and not just the Gospel! I pray he keeps that fire and desire so he can be a light and example to all of his friends around him!

Everything else is going pretty good in Hohoe. We will have a busy week contacting and finding the elect to help the group move forward into a branch! That is what we pray for pretty much every day, and because of this the Lord has helped us come across some sweet people that would definitely be a big blessing to the group!

I love you all and hope you have a great week, and hope that you pray for guidance in your life to be led to someone that needs your help!

Elder Kade Eppich

Elder Hammond parents
Elder Hammond is from Ghana and currently serving in our mission,Washington Kennewick Mission

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sacrifice and Blessings

October 6, 2014


Well this week was great and we had another amazing Fast Sunday! Seriously the Fast Sundays here are amazing! Five members bore their testimonies and 2 of them were brother Jonathan and sister Helen. Brother Jonathan bore an awesome testimony and then sister Helen really blew us away with her testimony! She is starting to be more vocal with her testimony, and it was great! Her sister and brother in law who are our next door neighbors came and heard her testimony and they really felt the spirt! We have been teaching her sister (Janet) and her brother in law (Graham) for a while now and they like the church but they haven't really committed yet. We were able to watch last years General Conference (one of the members had it on USB) and they loved it!!! Brother Graham is educated and very interested with religion, so he was able to understand what was going on in General Conference. He watched last years Sunday afternoon session 3 times! And then a few nights ago, his wife Janet had a dream that Graham was baptized, and she is big into her dreams and revelations so brother Graham will travel to Tema this week and when he returns we will hopefully be able to set a date for baptism for them! Brother Graham is determined to come to General Conference after he is baptized! He was funny when he was talking about it! I told him he pays for his plane ticket and we will get him the GC tickets somehow haha. They would be a huge blessing to the group in the Hohoe.

A few fun things this week is when we went and visited brother Jonathan and his wife, he was already past Doctrine and Covenants section 24 in his scripture study and loved reading it! He pointed out something that I have never thought about!. He was saying how the words used in the D&C that no man could have made this up, but truly it was from Jesus Christ himself! Even when we were teaching him we talked about how he needed to be baptized a second time but we never shared with him D&C 22 and when we taught him the other day he was like hey I found that section that talks about being baptized over a hundred times and all of that haha it made us laugh! So he is progressing and he blessed the sacrament on Sunday. He is a huge help! He is always the first or second person at church! It costs him 7 ghc every Sunday to come to church! He is truly sacrificing everything to come! That is very much money for someone here in Ghana!  His wife is progressing but didn’t come to church yesterday because of sickness.

This week we finally received our Group starter package. It came with chairs (we were previously renting chairs every Thursday and Sunday for our services) hymn books, gospel principle gooks, and everything else! It was like Christmas!!!  Then last night Elder Zaugg and I made jollof rice by ourselves and it was soooo good! I can’t wait to come home and make it for everyone! I think dad and mom would love it!!

That sounds fun about the BYU game mom but its too bad that Taysom broke his leg! BYU can’t catch a break!  So today was a super sweet day! Last night we had Daniel the police man, who has an internet connection in his police apartment start to download some of the GC talks and today is a public holiday so he didn’t have to work.  So we washed, cleaned and did a few other things then we headed to his place. On the way we bought bunch of snacks and it was like we were going to watch the super bowl haha. We were able to watch  3 or 4 talks that he was able to download! It was awesome! I can’t wait to watch the rest next month! Well family I love you all and hope all is going good!! Have a good week!

Elder Eppich

Dang!!! I almost forgot another thing... so  Elder Hammond from Ghana that is serving in Othello in the Washington Kennewick Mission (Todd and I went and visited he and his comp and took them to dinner) emailed me and gave me his fathers number and so I called him and his dad was excited to hear from me... so I called him on Saturday morning and we talked small and then he said that they are going to come to Hohoe to visit me! I’m like "but where do you stay? And they said Cape Coast!!!" And I’m like what? That is literally like a 7-9 hour drive depending on the car and the driver haha that is like driving half way across the country.  I was like how about I call you when I come to Accra again and he was like no its ok Monday is a holiday and we want to see you! So Elder Hammond father is on his way to Hohoe with his wife to see me! It's going to be sweet to see them!