Monday, March 10, 2014

The Lord will always help us

Elder Eppich's new apartment
March 10, 2014


Well this week was seriously so busy! Transfer news came and Elder Strong left me and went to Korfidua! I’m happy for him though because he will do awesome! And I got myself a nice new companion from Nigeria! He is my first comp from Nigeria so I’m excited to work with him! He was actually in my district in Kpong so it was a nice coincidence:) So I’ll try and tell you about my hectic week haha. So on Tuesday we pretty much said our goodbyes to RC (recent converts) and members for Elder Strong and then on Wednesday we went to the mission home and I got my new comp name Elder Iymau. We didn’t return home until around 630 pm, so we hurried and rushed to New Town on our bikes and met with Yaw (a baptismal candidate that was preparing for Saturday) because he said he wanted to talk with us.  I was really nervous because I was afraid he was going to back out. It turned out he just had a question about a JST in the bible. haha Then on Thursday we had Mission Leadership Counsel in Accra again. So me and my zone leader companion, Elder Kisembe, (he just got called to be a zone leader, and goes home in three months) went to Accra and had such an awesome counsel yet again with President Judd! I seriously love being around him and learning from not only him but other leaders of the mission. We finished the meeting around 3:30 pm and we made our trip back to Tema where we had special interviews scheduled for our candidates, both of them showed up :) Then Friday I had a baptismal interview in an area that should have only taken a few hours but because of traffic and miscommunication it took pretty much the whole day|! Saturday morning we had a temple trip with our RC! Both Jones and Michael came and they loved it!!!! They wouldn’t stop talking about how awesome it was inside! I’m so happy for them and their growth! Jones is a stud and comes to church each week early in his shirt and tie :) but on Saturday I was very nervous that our three baptismal candidates wouldn’t come for their baptism because for one, it’s a long trip for a Saturday night and then we have hardly see them the whole week!! And that is the time Satan works on them the most! So I said I short pray pleading with Heavenly Father that all will work out to His will and they would baptized. I just said I had other responsibilities that I had to attend to this week and I need your help with the baptism! And sure enough everything was good! Yaw, Nana, and Jessica showed up for their baptism! Jessica is Nana’s daughter and they brought her boss from work to witness the baptism and he is a solid referral for us! I was so happy for all of them and my testimony was definitely strengthened that the Lord will always help us when we are having tough, stressful times! I love you all very much and I thank you so much for your love and support. I got your package and Janae's package this last week and it was so awesome|!! It seriously was the best getting two packages with amazing things inside! Tell Brittany I’m sorry I couldn’t attend her baptism but I’m so happy for her! Have a great week! 

Elder Eppich

Ps Also I ate dog yesterday for the first time haha it’s not common to do that here, just had a small bite and it was somhowe (he ends the sentence here….I sure wish he hadn’t mentioned this….)
baptism of Yaw, Nana and Jessica with Elder Eppich and Elder Iymau
 Elder Nzoyi from South Africa, Elder Iyamu, Nigeria and Elder Mackay
tro tro (bus ride) to the temple

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