Monday, March 24, 2014

I will definitely never forget this experience and always treasure it!

sweetest picture ever!

March 24,  2014


Well this week was yet again another awesome one for Elder Iyamu and I! We had two experiences that I will never forget! It may not seem that cool but if you were in my shoes and saw everything that I do, it would be amazing to you!

1) We have been teaching an investigator right next to one of our recent converts, Jones. The lady we have been teaching was still in the middle of whether or not she needed to be baptized and leave Assemblies of God. It wasn’t until the end of the lesson on Tuesday when our recent convert opened up and bore his testimony to this lady. He didn’t say a whole lot, but said enough by telling her the church is true, and the Lord will bless her with this knowledge AFTER she takes that step of faith through baptism. He was also told her that people would fear her physically and spiritually haha I love jones! It was such a powerful experience for me and really strengthens my testimony from a convert who has been a member for 3 weeks! The investigator committed to baptism and we will continue to work with her and progress for that day. Jones is such a stud.

 2) The next experience that we were able to have is on Saturday night the Bishop, 2nd counselor, Relief Society president and us missionaries went around Tema New Town visiting Less Active/Recent Converts. When we had finished visiting the first one she decided that she would come along, and so did the next one and then the following one. This continued all the way to the end of the night where we had around 15 members with us visiting and showing the love they have for the members in the great area of New Town! It was so awesome to see the members faces that hadn’t come to church for a while, because of transfer fair, light up (I’m not sure what these 2 events are…light up has to do with electricity I think) and have a huge smile on their faces! I will definitely never forget this experience and always treasure it! It was awesome to witness 15 members walking through New Town looking for the members! It was amazing!!  We finally found a building to work for a meeting house, but it will take a month to renovate it and get it up to church standard. The church in New Town will be a huge blessing for the members here! Definetely a great week for Elder Iyamu and myself!

Dang I forgot that dad can choose his companion speakers as a high council.....maybe I won't come home anymore haha jokes. (Kraymer spoke with Todd yesterday)Yes it was my idea to rearrange the furniture and I will try and send a photo. Its not the best photo but should manage. (I told him if it was his idea to rearrange the furniture it was Grandma Edler coming out  in him) And yes I’ll be very sad to see president Judd go home in July. The new president will be President Heid from California. He has been in Ghana a lot before so I think he will do great! The food here is all the same no matter what area I am in and I wear my Keens everyday. I still have this stupid plantar wart! Haha it is almost gone, but I’ve had it treated with straight acid from the doctors here and its still being stubborn. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure it is off before I get home haha. Well family I love you all and I’m grateful for you support! Have a great week! Much love
 newly arranged apartment

Elder Kade Eppich

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