Monday, March 17, 2014

More great things happening in Ghana

Tema zone (zone companion, Elder Kisambe) directly behind Kade

March 17, 2014


Well this week we were able to do some good work with our investigators. Our investigators are really great. We have a sweet teaching pool that we are working with that has great potential for the month of April!  We have this awesome lady who has the cutest/most stubborn kids in the world. Her whole family is members of the church except her. Her brother is serving a mission in Nigeria! He actually called and greeted me and made sure that we were working hard on baptizing his sister.....haha I was like what the heck? You can’t be calling home haha. But the lady has been making great progress and reads. The only problem she faces now is her husband. He doesn’t give her money for transportation and she cant walk the long distance to church because she is 8 months pregnant. Sunday night we had a really good lesson with the whole family and we are going to start teaching him at his work place! She was able come to church on Sunday with her less active sister!

This last week we decided to re-arrange our apartment.  We decided to move all of our beds into the big room and then in our two small rooms that our beds were in is now our changing and study room! I love the new arrangement because it brings us all closer and helps bring unity! Plus there is a lot more room! I'll try and send a photo next week of it because I forgot today. Then we also have a somehow (this must be a new word, he used it last week describing the dog he ate) gym that is run by a ripped Rasta man and it has a bench and a few other gadgets and so we set up a rotation where two of us will go at 5:50 in the morning and work out. I love doing it because it feels so good to actually work out with weights. My health is very well.

Elder Kisembe (zone companion) and I were going to do baptismal interviews and the man next to us on the tro tro had a small little porcupine looking animal in his hand! I was petting it and then the man gives it to Elder Kisembe to hold and he just started to freak out haha. I was like “Elder Kisembe in your country you have lions, giraffes, rhinos and you're scared of a small little porcupine” haha it was so funny. Elder Kisembe is very small also by the way and so I love being around him because he is so small and loving!

I can’t believe so many priests are getting their mission calls! (our ward had 6 in the last week, with two more on the way) Tell them to continue to prepare hard and congrats! I can’t believe Jr miss is already here again! It seems like yesterday when Karigan was participating in it! Tell Jessica Hawkins congrats for me! Well family, I love you very much and hope you have a great week!

Elder Eppich

porcupine on the tro tro (bus)

tired, sleeping baby. So cute

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