Monday, February 24, 2014

"Things got scary real fast"

February 24, 2014


Well this week was a pretty crazy week and a lot happened so I hope I can remember everything. To start off Jones, Van Ike, and Michael all were baptized on Saturday! It was such an awesome experience to see them baptized! Especially Brother Jones because I contacted him the very first day we were in New Town the then four weeks later he is baptized! I even got to baptize him and Michael!  But where the bigger miracle happened was on Sunday morning where we have church at 8 in the morning and New Town being a very far off place we were able to see all three of them at church in their shirt and tie! It was so awesome and all of them were so happy! It’s hard to explain how big of a miracle that was unless you know how bad African time is and the distance they had to travel!

I got the package and it was so sweet! The camera is awesome and the recording was even better! I forgot what everything looked like! I wish you would have gone outside but it was still awesome! And the new movie room is ssoooo sweet! I’m so jealous haha. Also everyone says that I look older than Kraymer (hahaha that’s right Kraymer :) and than I also got a little Valentine’s card from the Weilers! It was so sweet of them! I’m sorry to say that there is no McDonalds in pretty much all of Africa besides South Africa and maybe a few countries in the East. But I will definitely use that card they gave me when I hit up JFK, baby! Also have dad give Dr. Si my blog address.  I have a feeling that he would like that!

Now to the interesting things that happened to us this week… to start off we were walking on the road and we saw a taxi car had crashed into a 6 foot push cart that Ghanaians use to transport goods and heavy objects. As we got closer, we came to realize that there were a few dead dolphins on the cart! It was very sad! Isn’t it illegal to kill dolphins? It appeared that the man that was pushing the cart lost control of it going down a hill and it hit an oncoming taxi.

Then a few mornings ago I was taking a shower and I didn’t have my glasses on and I saw this big looking thing in the corner of the shower. Not thinking too much about because I couldn’t see, I just left it there. After I finished showering and got all dressed,  I put my contacts in and went back to the bathroom and while I was looking in the mirror I saw something move in the corner of my eye, so i quickly glanced over and saw this huge scorpion in our shower!!! I was like what the heck??!!! I had just showered with that thing!! So I quickly got Elder Strong and we took photos and recorded us trying to kill it, but when it pulled its claws out and lifted its stingy thing in the air...things got scary real fast! The thing was so fast, so it took us a few attempts to kill it! I now fear scorpions more than those dang wall spiders! Where the scorpion came from we have no clue, which is the worst part about it haha. Oh well.

Mission is awesome. I love it here in Ghana! And the people! Tonight we are going to an FHE where the little children from 10 under all have to quote a scripture that they have memorized in front of everyone. There is this 4 yr. old girl that is the cutest and says "honor your father and mother" haha so funny!

I love you all and miss you! Have a great week!

Elder Eppich

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