Monday, October 28, 2013

A nice week in Kpong

Kpong - Jospehine and Michael
October 28, 2013 Family, Well this was a nice week for not only Elder Steinman and I but also our district and all the missionaries in Kpong. So currently we have 5 sets of missionaries that are at one branch out here in Kpong. They are preparing to split our branch in the near future, so we had a nice little baptismal service where 9 investigators were baptized. For Elder Steinman and I had a lady name Josephine who is 26 years old, she is very soft spoken but very smart and loves the church! And another brother named Michael. He is 25 yrs of age and has been taught by missionaries for six plus months, but they all dropped him because he would never come to church. Finally Elder Halavaka and I started to teach him and got him to come once before Elder Steinman came in and took over for elder Halavaka and he came ever since the first time and he loves the church! When president and Sister Judd came for the district conference, Sister Judd talked with him for a little bit and he was just saying how much he loves the church!! It was really awesome to hear him talk about the church that way! Brother Elvis wasnt able to be baptized yesterday because he had some concerns, but we helped resolve the concerns when he came to church yesterday. Oh by the way Elder Halavaka got called to train this transfer! He is going to do awesome!! Oh Then this week was the Krobo Festival. Where we are there are so many Krobos and so the place got really crazy. They were playing loud music all the time and everything was super busy all the time! It was so funny because there was some advertising going on and there were four dwarves in the back of the truck dancing while loud music was playing and it was so fun. All Ghanaians here can dance! It is sweet! Then Elder Steinman’s mom sent a suitcase with a missionary that is coming from there ward and it was full of straight candy and pancakes!!! It was awesome! It was like a straight jackpot Haha so we’ve been eating pancakes every morning and enjoying! She also made us other 3 missionaries in the apartment little Halloween bags with candy, very sweet of her! Something that made me happy this last week is that people kept saying that I’m getting obollo (fat) haha so that made me feel good! And no my sonicare broke like a week after you sent me a new one. I’m hoping we get to watch conference next week! I’m happy that Daniel F is doing well! Well, family I love you very much and I’m grateful for your love and support! Elder Eppich

Kpong Ghana

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