Monday, November 4, 2013

Leaning on Prayer

Dugbatey, Elder Eppich, Eric and Elder Steinman in Kpong

Kpong Zone Pizza Activity!

Elder Steinman and Elder Eppich
November 4, 2013 Family, Well this week was a nice week for Elder Steinman and me! We weren’t able to do confirmations for our baptismal candidates because we had General Conference finally!!! And it was awesome! We watched only one session but I absolutely loved it! It’s so funny how my perspective has changed for GC in the last few years (mostly just this last year) I enjoy being able to listen to our Prophet and Apostles! We had some investigators come and watch it but we’re not really sure how they saw it or enjoyed it so this week we will try and see them and help them understand more about it! Well, last week on Monday I got a call from President Judd at 10:30 at night and I was already passed out asleep. (Pdays I’m always super tired) and I honestly don’t remember what was said, but he asked me to be a zone leader for Kpong zone! I was very surprised and don’t remember what I said other than yes Haha. So Elder Jones in Ho and I will be the Zone Leaders (mom I think you said that Elder Jones mom emailed you last week Haha that’s funny) so I’m pretty nervous right now! I’m really going to have to lean on prayer a lot these next few months!! Elder Steinman and I came up to Ho last night so I can be with Elder Jones to report numbers to the AP's and then we played basketball this morning and after we café (email) we are going to get pizza or hamburgers afterwards! Ho is a very nice place and so there are really cool food joints around! I think today was the year mark of when I received my mission call or somewhere around this date! Time has been really flying by! I keep thinking things I want to tell you back home but I keep forgetting what to say Haha. We should be having a baptism this week and so please pray for Bro Elvis and Bro Mark this week! Oh and you can read Elder Steinman’s blog because he gives a lot more detail about things that have happened to us that I don’t remember Haha. Thanks mom for those awesome quotes! I can’t wait for the Liahona with all the talks in it so I can study them more! Well I love you all and if I think of other things that have happened in the last week in the next little bit I will email them to you! Have a great week! Elder Eppich

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