Thursday, October 3, 2013

"There's No Place I Would Rather Be"

September 30, 2013 Family, Haha I liked how you said "Y'all" in your letter Mom. (I am in Texas) This week was a pretty good one. It was pretty frustrating but with awesome experiences. So we asked Sister Pat to really pray and ask God if 1) If this church is the true church 2) If she needs to be baptized into the church. A little after she prayed there was a voice that came into her head that said "Yes, Yes!!!". I have no doubt that it was the Holy Ghost because when she told us the story you could feel the spirit so strong!! But then she said that "But I’m not sure if it was the Devil speaking to me or the Holy Spirit" and I was like what??? are you serious? But the last few weeks people have been really pounding her with anti-Mormon things and it’s so frustrating because she doesn’t want to offend us so she wouldn’t tell us what the concerns were until a few days ago. They are just crazy things that other churches say about our church, like when you are baptized they take you into a secret room and blind fold you and whatever body part you touch on a table is what you have to donate when you die. Haha some crazy things like that! But the end of the story is that Sister Pat and her family needs more time! She is fearing men right now more than God.Our branch President lives close to her and so he visited her and talked with her. Hopefully a few weeks will help solve her concerns! We found more investigators this last week. One man who is 20 and we contacted him on Monday and he came to church on Sunday and really liked it! He already asked about serving a mission himself!. Oh we met a lady the other day whose name is "Janet" and that was the first time I’ve heard that name in a long time and it blew my mind lol. Also I’m so happy I brought my Keens on my mission because that’s all I wear now except on Sunday when I wear my normal shoes. They are so much nicer to wear! Also mom have you had a chance to send those pictures of me to give to RC and a new USB? I still haven’t bought one yet. One thing that really helped me out this week was I was reading in my personal study DC 100!! I changed the names of Sydney and Joseph with Kraymer and Kade. It was a really cool thing to do and I know the Lord takes care of everything back home for us while we are gone away! Oh and I had a Friend name Exodus (he is a Rasta man) but super cool guy and he split my scriptures and put African material on it and it looks so awesome!! I’ll send a picture. Well I love you all and I’m grateful for you all. Yes we will be able to watch conference but it won’t be until the end of October :( I can’t believe it was over a year ago when they announced the age change for missionary service and it changed my life!!! I love it. It seems like yesterday, I could tell you everything that was going on when I got your phone call! There is no other place I'd rather be than here!.......ok except maybe Dairy Queen, Costa Vida, Tucanos hahaha, naw I’m just kidding. I love it here :) Edler Eppich JR

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