Monday, October 7, 2013

The Church is True

October 7, 2013 Family, Well this last week was a really nice week for Elder Steinman and me! This week we really focused on working with branch missionaries!! We have 10 branch missionaries that will probably be leaving on their own mission in the next 6 months, and it helps so much to work with the members because they know the language really well and the area a lot better than us!! We had a lot of cool experiences this week! One was we were contacting in Somanya and we had the feeling to go and contact this house and we met this really nice guy named Jared and we gave him a pamphlet and the next day he called me and was asking questions about Joseph smith, the Priesthood, the church and all those cool things! Basically taught a lesson over the phone for him Haha, the only bad thing is he is going to Ada for university so we won’t see him tell he comes back! But he definitely has potential in the future! The next cool thing is about Sister Pat! It so cool but so frustrating! Haha so this last Sunday the whole family comes to church and Sister pat and her older Sister Gifty both paid their tithing!!! It was so sweet because she called and asked if we pay tithing the next day and we told her yes and showed her how to do everything to pat her tithes! It was one of the coolest things I have seen on mission, yet also one of the most frustrating as well because she won’t commit to a baptismal date. But this fast Sunday I fasted for her and with her paying her tithing I know the Lord will open the windows of heaven and poor out the blessings on her and their family! Plus our Branch President has really been working a lot with her so that is nice!! Hahaha so funny story, this last week it rained a lot and hard and both Elder Steinman and I love the rain and so we would go and work in the rain, and while we were walking to an appointment a car comes flying by and hits this puddle and a bunch of mud just came flying up and got all over us hahaha it was so funny because you see things like that happening on movies but this time it happened to us! We just walked it off and when the rain was falling hard we would just walk under it and try to wash it off by rubbing the clothes together Haha so funny!! I’m doing really well! A lot better week and seriously it flew by!! I don’t get sick (knock on Wood) and I’m staying about the same weight. I’m never hungry anymore because I can cook some way nice beans, rice, stews, and pasta!! The only thing bad about it is it takes time to cook Haha. I’m super jealous that you all got to watch General conference!!! That’s the only bummer here Haha but its ok we will probably watch it the last week of October or the first week of November so we will see!! Well I love you all and thank you for your support!! The church is true. Elder Eppich **(This is an excert of Kade’s letter to Todd. I included it for blogging/book purposes.) This week was a lot better than last week ! I don’t ever get down but I get stressed Haha. Especially now because I’m district leader and our zone is the highest baptizing in the mission, and so when we don’t reach our goals it seems like we are letting down the zone and mission and the blame normally comes to the DL Haha but its all good! This month our zone of 26 has a goal of 50 baptisms so we will see how it goes! Our district is hoping for 10! Yes as a district leader I have to go on exchanges, do baptismal interviews, and give instruction at district meeting. It’s really nice and I enjoy it! We have a sweet district!! That’s awesome about GC imp so jealous Haha! I’m happy your foot is healing slowly and your little scooter run was way funny (I emailed a video of Todd on his scooter in our house ) Haha well I love you very much!

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