Monday, October 21, 2013

Trek to Accra Temple

Kpong District
October 21, 2013 Family, Well this week was a very nice one! Not too much stuff happened so this letter might be a little short. So to start off the reasons why I haven’t been sending photos lately because I had a virus on my memory card. I was so mad and afraid I would lose all of my photos, but the man that works at the cafĂ© was able to remove the virus and save my photos! It was awesome!! And then also I had spoiled my hair slippers like 4 months ago but I had left them in our same apartment and I looked for a little electrical repair man, and he was able to fix them for 25 Ghana! I was pumped! I would have paid 50 to get them fixed; I don’t like getting African haircuts Haha. Then on Thursday we had our district temple trip/interviews with president Judd. So we had to make it to the 8:30 session in Accra, so we woke up at 430 in the morning to be there by 8 and we got there at 910 Haha I was pretty frustrated because we were suppose to go Wednesday night so we could make the temple session, but the APs said we would be ok to leave super early Thursday. We didn’t make it so I was pretty mad/sad. We were able to still do baptisms, but I want to watch the new endowment session! But right when we started to do baptism those feelings were able to leave me and I loved it! And yes that is the hardest thing going from nice AC rooms to outside in Africa Haha. The interview with president Judd went good! We then traveled home at 5 in the evening and got home around 9pm. I was so tired by the time we got home! It normally doesn’t take that long to travel back and forth but the traffic was terrible!! Oh Haha a funny story when we were in the changing room there was a white man with an Australian accent (sounded very similar to Elder Halavaka) and so I asked where he was from, and he said he was from Sydney and then I told him I knew Elder Halavaka and he said how he knew the Halavaka family. Then I asked him his name and he said Elder Vincent, and I was like oh crap! he is in our area presidency and I didn’t even know him hahaha and I guess he talked at General Conference! It’s not my fault we don’t get to watch conference for a month later. Then yesterday was district conference and it was was awesome! All the members from Ho, Tshito, Senchi all came to our building (because it’s the district center) It was a packed housed!! We had to set up chairs and canopies all outside for members to come and sit! I wish I could have taken pictures, but I know Elder and Sister Cosgrave did. Well I love you all very much and thank you for the support! Elder Eppich

Elder Eppich and his companion

Elder Eppich and family in his area

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