Monday, July 1, 2013

Transferred to Achimota

Elder Gusa (Kenya) and Elder Eppich new companion serving in Achimnota
July 1, 2013
Well this week was a little crazy just because I knew I was going to be transferred and had to say my goodbyes and then trying to learn a new area but I will start at the beginning of the week. So last Monday our district decided to climb Mt.Yogaga its right behind where we stay and is huge!! I guess it’s like the 2nd biggest mountain in Ghana. So from where we stay the mountain doesn’t look very tough and an easy path to the top. We couldn’t have been more wrong!! Right from the beginning we were walking through seriously the jungle!!! Like the path was all overgrown with trees and grass! We got lost a few times Haha. Then on the way up we would find people on the mountain that stay on the mountain for a week long and fast for the whole time, except I think they drink water. It’s something they do for their church. When we reached towards the top of the mountain there was seriously no path because the grass was probably like 8 ft tall so Elder Hansen took the lead and grabbed a bamboo tree and started to make his way to the top. It was kinda sketchy because there could have been snakes and all that crazy stuff but none of us got hurt. Then at one point of the hike we were like climbing on hands and knees Haha. But we finally made it to the top and it was worth every bit of the 2 hour hike!!! It was so pretty!! We could see everything for a long ways and very pretty!! I took lots of pics but they don’t do it justice!! It was super nice! And the cool thing is that we did it in our missionary clothes!!! No big deal :) it was another good way to say goodbye to Kpong :)
So yes I got transferred because my comp got called to train, but I’m still in the Accra mission. I got sent to Achimota which is pretty close to where I was trained (Kaneshie) and actually pretty similar!! Lots of dirt roads. It has poverty and big pretty homes!!! So it’s the best of both worlds you could say :) My new comp is named Elder Gusa and he is from Kenya!! Super awesome guy who is pretty much like me but black Haha so we get along well and we can talk about anything. The ward is a very nice place and nice people. I’ve already had a couple of FMs from them.
It was funny because while we were in tro tro from Kpong to the mission home we were sitting in the front seat and I saw the driver put a few cedis in his license because on the road to Accra there are like little check points by the policemen and they stopped us and he gave him the license and then the man took the money and didn’t look at anything else and let us go on Haha I’m hoping his license is just old instead of him not even having one Haha. Then later in the week we found out that Ghana vs. USA under 20 game was playing and so we stopped to glance at it and there were about 15 Ghanaians and then one American in the middle of all them and right when I got there Ghana scored and they just started to scream and make fun of me and America Haha it was really funny! I wanted to get a photo but I thought it wouldn’t be smart :) I guess Ghana killed USA.
I got a little late bday present that I bought for myself. It was a sweet Kente scripture bag that says my name on the front and has a Gye Nyame symbol, which means “Accept God” on the back. You see the symbol all over Ghana on walls, chairs, and cars. It was sweet and idk if I want to use it or just save it :)
Elder Gusa and I have been working hard finding new investigators and so we ride our bike lots. We never rode bikes this much in my previous area and so I’m pretty dang sore Haha. Today we played football and basketball for like 3.5 hrs at the church building and there was like 30 guys there and it was lots of fun! Except I got hit in the eye when I was driving to the hoop and now I’m starting to get a black eye Haha so ill just wear my glasses instead of my contacts to try and hide it all :)
Well, it sounds like everything is going good back home with swimming lessons, Kaitlan and David coming home, then Shayne and Kort leaving! Love you all! The Church is true.
Elder Eppich

Birthday scripture case (front)

Birthday scripture case (back)
Elder Eppich on top of Mt.Yogaga

Kpong district on top of Mt. Yogaga

View of Kpong from Mt. Yogaga

Happy, Elder Eppich and Samuel in Kpong

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