Friday, July 12, 2013

The Life of a Missionary

July 8, 2013


That sounds so awesome about going to that branch! I bet you had a huge impact on them! More then you realize I bet! I didn’t think they had branches like that in America Haha jokes. That was sweet though!! Ok before I forget where did we come from? Like our ancestors? It’s probably a dumb question because I don’t know lol. But everybody here asks me that and I always forget to ask you guys.
Well this week was another good one! We found some investigators that have potential to be great members but none of them showed up to church Haha the life of a missionary. But we had 4 people that aren’t members that were referrals or just came to church because they heard how good of a place it was and so the Lord blessed us even though we didn’t have the ones we were expecting. We were blessed because of our efforts and received 4 new investigators that have some friends in the ward which makes it so much easier for them to come to church and eventually be baptized!
So this week was 4th of July and it was really weird because obviously they don’t celebrate it but we still wanted to in the apartment. So we decided we would work hard and then at night time we would go for dinner at a fancy little restaurant called "treets" which was amazing!! We were going to eat pizza but too expensive so we got cheeseburgers and fries for 7 cedis and then 3 cedis of ice cream and it was so amazing!!! I loved it! For my comps 1 yr anniversary were going to go back and get pizza! oh also the Under 20 World Cup is playing right now and Ghana played Chili last night for the quarter finals and they beat them in extra time 4-3 I guess and so I guess they play France in the semi finals. And Ghana won the under 20 world cup in big deal :) but it’s funny because we know when Ghana scores because we will be sitting around and all of a sudden everyone just starts to scream and run around Haha. They love their football!
We also taught lots of French speaking people this week. We found a little college apartment and they are pretty much all French from Congo, Guinea, Togo, and Benien and so it was really weird to hear such a different accent. But I learned how to greet in the MTC from my French buddies so they thought it was funny when I greeted them. Oh and we were teaching this French girl outside her apartment and it was a super good lesson and all of a sudden I hear a loud "dun dun, dun dun" (like a clock ticking) and was like noooo!!! The apartment next to us was watching "24" and I was like dang I miss that show so much Haha I recognized it right when I heard it, you know how it does that when it goes to commercial? lol but it was funny! I was going to go contact the apartment but I figured I better not or else I would get start watching it with them Haha.
Also, a lady next door to us is very kind and loves us so much and so we bought a bunch of ingredients and she made us a huge batch of cabbage stew and tomato stew and it is soooo nice!!! She is a bomb cook and so we just reheat the stew and make some rice and we got a nice little meal going for us :)
Also last thing, how’s Daniel Ferenbacher doing??? I was reading some of the letter last night and saw the one he made for me and I seriously almost started to cry because of what he said and
how much I miss him! I hope everything is going good for him! But let me know how he is doing please!
Well I hope you all have a good week! I love you all very much!

Elder Eppich

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