Monday, June 24, 2013

A Great Week in Kpong!

Elder Eppich and Elder Kandeh with 7 baptims this week!

June 29, 2013
Well Elder Kandeh and I had a great last week together! He got called to train which means I’m leaving my area most likely :( probably heading back to Accra, but that’s ok because we ended with a bang in Kpong district!! Out of the 6 missionaries in our district we baptized 17 people!!!! How crazy is that?! We were told by members there that they have never seen that big of a baptism!!! It was so crazy yesterday trying to get everything lined up for the baptism!! But all worked out!!! I was so happy once everything was finished with Haha.
As for our investigators that were supposed to be baptized on the 23rd.......all six were baptized :) And we were also blessed with a 7th who was baptized during the freeze in Ghana (20+ yrs ago) and so she had no records of being a member and so we had to re do everything for her to rectify the situation and she was baptized! She was a 72 yr old super sweet lady! There are actually two more that lost their records so they have to be baptized again but I probably won’t be here for that! But it was Clement(18) Eben(20) Patience(31) Kuturah (10)Samuel(61) Happy(40) and Grace (the one who had to be re baptized (72) I’ll send a picture of them all and another one of the 12 baptized at our church (the 5 others were baptized in the Senchi branch). So the month of June, Elder Kandeh and I saw 8 investigators baptized! What an awesome month! But as we look back at everything that has happened to us with no lights or water for long periods of time and right now we haven’t had running water for about a week (except late at night when the Ghana water is turned on, our pump is broke) To me I think that Satan was in charge of all of our problems and trying to get us frustrated and not focused on the work so we wouldn’t bring 12 souls unto Christ for our apartment!! But we worked even harder and still kept our spirits high and baptized a dozen :) That is my theory at least! Take that Satan :) Oh we also had 15 investigators at church yesterday :)
So another highlight of my week is we got to play basketball!! First time since MTC!!!
 I missed it so much and I was so sore the next day!! So what happened is there is this really nice compound dealio where the workers of the water works stay at and they have a really nice basketball court with lights and everything! The fun thing is that they are all Chinese men that stay in the apartments and so they came out and played with us!!! We just messed around for the first little bit with companionship vs companionship but then we wanted to play 2 vs 2 against the Chinese and so Elder Hansen and I played these two Chinese men! We’re not suppose to keep score but we both had too much pride and beat them! At first it was a little scary because we were afraid of some Jeremy Lin stuff going to happen! But it wasn’t too bad. I think we won 11-8 or something like that. They both were really good ball handlers and quick too (Of course :)) It was a fun time! And once we finished we sat down and talked to them about what we do as missionaries and one of them didn’t really know Jesus Christ which is really sad! So I think later today were going to go back and have a little rematch :)
Q and A
So we only proselyte in Kpong a few times a week. We are actually called the Akuse Elders but just stay in Kpong. We have 3 cities were in charge of - Somanya, Akuse, and half of Kpong.
We still teach around 35 lessons or so a week. My days here are pretty much the same as when I was trained in Kaneshie except we go out at 10 am instead of 11am. Of course all the kids here love me! There are a lot less white people out in the Bush so they are more excited to see us. Especially in Akuse! I’m pretty sure I’m the only white person there when we go Haha.
Our apartment is a lot nicer than Kaneshie and my bed is good! The power is a lot more stable now! But our pump is messed up so bucket showers pretty much the whole last week.
Hopefully I answered all of your questions!

Well I hope everything continues to go well for you guys back home like it is here for me! Love you all very much! I’m going to miss the Bush! But I’m glad I got to at least taste a part of it and also have success here!!
Elder Eppich

The Kpong district's baptisms for June 23, 2013

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