Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"See Others as They May Become"

July 15, 2013
Well I had a good week and I’m doing great. Infact, my mind was blown the other day when I found out that not only do we have a mini golf course, but also a driving range, and a full golf course that is so beautiful except some rich people from the UK came down and are doing the whole thing and will be done in 2 yrs! But it’s so pretty! It has awesome African trees, you know the ones that are super tall and then it finally branches out at the very top? Idk if that makes sense Haha. But the even better part is we received this referral who stays right next to the golf course and he is an awesome guy who is a golf instructor and already told us that he will take us to the driving range for free because he has clubs and everything and help us with our swing! How awesome is that?!! Before I forget aren’t Bryant and Dallin coming home soon? That’s crazy!
So when I got to Achimota we didn’t really have any investigators and we set a pretty high goal for the month of July and I was afraid that we weren’t going to make that goal because investigators must come to church 3 times before baptism.  I was praying all week for help and on Sunday we had 7 investigators at church!! It was so awesome! Hopefully they will be able to continue to come so we can reach our goal! A few of the investigators are from a family that we met - a mother, 3 boys and a small baby girl. Three of them are over the age of 8. The father works all the time and so we never see him, but they have this cutest little kid who reminds me of Dallas Bennett just skinnier and black. We met them by the church to walk them in and I put the little boy, Prosper, on my shoulders and he loved it!! I don’t think they have ever seen that before because everybody was laughing at me while I was walking down the dirt road to the building. Haha.
I also got an awesome birthday package from Calaways. It had a bunch of energy bars and box of cereal and then a head scratcher and a little expandable back scratcher!!!! It was so awesome and thoughtful! I loved it!
Then remember that man that was watching 24??? Well I finally had a feeling to go contact him and he is an awesome guy!! He is from Congo and in Ghana for schooling. But the awesome part is that he had been meeting with missionaries in Congo!!! So he never a bunch already but just lost contact with the church when he moved to Ghana 2 yrs ago! He didn’t come to church on Sunday but the problem is he is a strong Baptist member and so it will take longer for him to come to church. But I just couldn’t help but think that because I heard that 24 playing it was specifically for me to go contact him. Just what I was thinking to myself.
Also, we have this investigator who her husband is a member of the church and she knows everything is true that we teach her except that there is only one true church! Missionaries have been teaching her for like 7 months. And the other day she was sick and I had the strongest feeling that we needed to give her a priesthood blessing! And she had never heard of that before so we kind of explained it to her and she said she wanted one and so we gave her a blessing and the next day she was all better!  Hopefully because of that she will understand that the priesthood is what sets our church from a good church to the only true church!
One last thing I was studying President Monson's talk last November called “See Others As They May Become! It is such an amazing talk and I visualize all my investigators in white! I even did it before I read that talk but I think it’s because I heard the talk in October.

Sorry I wrote such a long letter I just had a lot to talk about. Well I hope you all have a good week! I love you all.
Elder Eppich

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