Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More Baptisms and Pizza!

Baptism of Rosina and Daniel in Achimoto Ghana

Elder Eppich, Rosina, Daniel, Elder Gusa and Precious

Ghanian Pizza
July 29, 2013


Well this was a good week that went by way fast!!! Each week seems to go by faster and faster Haha. So not much happened this week but yesterday we were blessed with two baptisms. Daniel and Rosina Boakye (bo-a-cha). The other family of 3 decided that they wanted to wait until the 10th for baptism which is ok because we want them to be able to understand everything clearly which is hard because the mom only speaks Twi. But the baptism was way awesome. They are going to be a great addition to the ward and love the church! The next step for them will be to get married in the temple next year! And they totally will! They have the cutest little girl name Precious! She is 3 :) Well we have transfers coming up and I honestly have no clue what is going to happen with me Haha I think my comp will train because every other comp I have been with gets called to train right after one transfer with me. Haha So I’m not quite sure what’s will happen. We will find out tomorrow because that is when the trainers will get a phone call from President Judd. Whatever happens I know it is what the Lord wants and needs! Like I said a few days ago it was Elder Gusa 1 year mark and so we went and celebrated and bought some pizza!!! It was so nice! I miss pizza Haha. Than today we had a big zone activity where we all went to the stake center and played soccer forever!! It was so much fun! I do alright playing with all the good Africans, well most of the time, there are a few who are way good and make me look dumb Haha but it’s so much fun to play! It makes everything so nice!! Well I love you all and don’t have a lot of time to write more! Hope you all have a good week! Love ya!

Elder Eppich

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