Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"Becoming as Little Children"

Elder Eppich and Prosper

This is the cutest picture ever and so typical Kade :) I think he will want to bring African children home with him :)
July 22, 2013

Well it sounds like you had fun at the cabin this last week! It didn’t even make me sad that you guys were there because I know it’s only a party when I’m there :)
Well this last week was a good one! Just like all the other ones Haha. But one thing that really hit me is Christ words "becoming as little children" it never really took that much affect to me until during a lesson with a family we are teaching.I asked the small boy to close for us and he said honestly one of the most beautiful prayers I have ever heard and it blew my mind! During the whole prayer I just had the thought pop into my mind "you see why we must become as little children".  And it was just so awesome and I loved it! Little children are truly divine!
Well as for our investigators they are all progressing and we had 5 set for baptism this Sunday. The solid ones are Daniel (28) and Rosina (22). They are a married couple. With the cutest 3 yr old daughter. They love the teachings and already had there baptismal interview. Then Monica (33), Joseph (16), and Emmauel (12) are the other 3 that were set for the 28th. Emmanuel didn’t come to church yesterday and the mom speaks very little English but loves the church and loves to come but she still wants to learn more this week and she will decided at the end of the week if she wants to be baptized or postpone it. I feel very blessed with these people because when I first got to Achimota we seriously had almost nothing but we worked hard! And found great people!
So today was an awesome Pday! Elder Gusa and I went to the driving range to meet with Prince, one of our investigators who is a golf teacher, and he normally charges like 20 cedis to teach but he helped us for free and he took us to our own spot where it was just us on a cricket field so he could be literally 1 on 1 with us! It was so nice to play golf again!! I missed it like crazy! He taught me a lot of good points, but he just kept saying the whole time "hey, this boy can play!!" Haha so we had a fun time doing that. And then once he finished he was like "oh hey there is a small zoo in the forest over here if you want to go check it out' and so that’s what we did! It cost us 3 cedis but we saw a ton of different monkeys, snakes, birds, ostriches, camels, crocodiles, tortoises, wart hogs, hyena, mongoose, bush bucks and a few others. All the big animals got sent to Kumasi while they make the zoo a lot bigger. Our guide said in a year or so it will be a huge park with everything there to see, so that will be really nice!! But the coolest ones were the monkeys because they were doing flips and smiling the whole time, and then the hyenas!! The hyenas were huge and looked way scary!! I could imagine them in little pack trying to kill something! But today was just an awesome day that put a smile on my face and made me think how lucky I was to be in Africa on a mission.
Oh and mom I got your package! It was awesome and I loved it! I’m trying not to eat everything all at once Haha but the ho-ho's made it fine and I love them Haha. That’s another thing I’ve been so blessed about is love and support from back home! Like not just close family but every body has either sent me an email, dearElder, letter, or a package and it means the world to a missionary! So thank you very much and I love you all! Oh and I got Allison’s and Luke announcement and that was the worst idea to open it around a bunch of missionaries because they were just crazy about Alison. Haha But they look very happy/pretty together. 

Well that’s pretty much everything I had to write about this week, but I love you all!
Elder Eppich
ps Mom,can you get me Elder Jared Sabin’s email address if possible, I miss that guy and want to see how he is doing. Thanks
Achomota Ghana - Long sleeve day

Monica and baby Kate

golf course in Achimoto
Elder Eppich at the driving range in Ghana. Where did he get the purple plaid shorts from? Not sure they go with the Connell Eagles Football shirt very well? ha

monkeys at the zoo. Kade LOVES monkeys.

see any resemblance? maybe just in personality :)
Elder Gusa, David the tour guide and Kade

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