Monday, August 5, 2013

Six Months in the Mission!

August 5, 2013 Family, Well we had another good week here in Achimota. Yesterday was fast Sunday and we had a mission fast for a few reasons and that was awesome to be a part of!! Also, Daniel and Rosina came for their confirmations! They were super happy with everything. They went and bought some new clothes for church and Daniel had this sweet pink African wear!! They're an awesome family and will do great things!!! I’m so happy for them! Well our people set for baptism on the 10th said they wanted more time to learn (happens a lot) and so we postponed it to the 24th of August and hopefully they will be ready for that day. They still come to church but they just want to know more before baptism! Like I honestly don’t remember a whole lot that happened this week. I should have brought my journal with me so I can remember the things that happened to us in the week! That's way awesome about Alison and Luke! They looked very nice together! We teach around 30 lessons a week here so it’s a little less but it’s still a good number! I honestly have no clue what’s going to happen at transfers, I know I won’t train but as far as being moved or staying I have no clue. I don’t think president Judd knows until late tonight when he receives his final inspiration on where missionaries should be going. Everything here in Ghana is going very good! I love the mission and can’t believe I’m at 6 months already! Love you all! The church is true! Thank you once again for all the love and support! Elder Eppich

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