Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The first baptisms EVER in Hoeho, Ghana

first baptism ever in Hoeho, Ghana
Elder Eppich

Elder Eppich and brother Jonathan

Brother Gameli and sister Helen

newest members of Hoehoe group
September 22, 2014


Well this week was a great week! It was a little stressful at first
but finished great!

Everything was going good until Tuesday when we
got a call saying that the older missionaries needed to be in Accra
the next day to renew their national non citizen ID cards. This
really messed up our plans because the next day Elder Cosgrave was
going to come up to Hohoe to do our special interviews for Helen and
Jonathan. Luckily we were able to figure out that Elder Zaugg would
be able to stay in Ho with another missionary and then go up to Hohoe
on Wednesday to do the interviews while I went to Accra, so that’s
what happened.

Tuesday night we went to Ho, spent the night, and then
embarked on our travels to Accra and back. Once we got the cards we
went to KFC (Elder West, Mackay, Fausett, Crandall and I) and then
Elder West, Mackay and I headed back up to Ho, spent Wednesday night in
Ho and continued our way to Hohoe Thursday morning. When I had asked
Elder and Sister Cosgrave about how the interviews went they said it
went superb! He said brother Jonathan looked like a future patriarch
of the Ho stake in the future years and Sister Helen was not a whit
behind him, so that really made us happy!

So the next problem we needed to worry about was the
 baptismal place.... we had the option to
travel 45 mins or so to Kpando to do it in their font but that would
be expensive and no support from the Group. The next option was
possibly a swimming pool, a not serious man that had a swimming pool
said it would cost us 1500 ghc to prep the pool for Sunday so we said
no to that and the next option was a small river that runs through
Hohoe. So Elder Zaugg and I kept looking around and finally found a
perfect spot for the baptism! We were both super pumped for Sunday!

On Saturday we went and visited sister Helen and she was ready for
baptism and wanted her husband, Gameli, to baptize her. Brother Gameli is
an accountant and super humble, loving man. He was baptized 8 yrs. ago
in Kpong but moved to Hohoe where there was no church. So he was more
then happy to baptize his wife! Then we also visited brother Jonathan
and we discussed about the procedures of baptism and how he needs to
be completely immersed for the baptism to be successful so that is when
he said he wanted me to baptize him because I was taller and longer
than Elder Zaugg and can ensure a successful baptism! haha He is so
awesome! He is loving and fired up for the gospel! He has found the
truth and it has set him free. My prayer is that we can ordain him an
Elder before I go home! He can progress and help the Group
out so much! (He was the man that we have no idea of who called him
and told him exactly where the church was at!)

 So Sunday came around and had a great service and we all headed to the river side after the
service and got prepared for the baptism! It went pretty well, the
only problem is that bro Gameli couldn’t baptize sister Helen all the
way so I had to hop in and help him out. Sister Helen is like 5
months pregnant, so that dang belly was poking out too much
haha... oh I almost forgot that the last week it had been raining so much
that it raised our small little river close to 4-5 feet and every one
was saying that we can’t do the baptism because the water is too high
and I’m like"the more water the better" John 3:23 haha (And John also was 
baptized in Enon near to Salim because there was much water there: and
 they came, and were baptized.” it was all great
and a day to remember! Jonathan was so happy and it all surprised us
when we found out that yesterday was his birthday!!! How awesome is
that to be baptized on your birthday! I think he is 74 yrs. old but
doesn’t look over 55 except his white hair! We got nice pictures and I
hope you will be able to get some of them!

Then to make everything
else even better today Daniel (the man that called you mom) Elder Zaugg
and I went to the monkey sanctuary today and the monkeys were crazy
comfortable with us.... right when they saw our tour guide
caring bananas towards them they all came running and jumping all
over him! We would have 2-4 monkeys on us at a time!(does he not know that the Ebola virus is carried in monkeys?! Ughhh) I can’t wait to
take mom and dad there! You will love it! hopefully Ebola stays away! (ya me too J)
haha then we returned from our little trip and we all went to the
market and made some nice jollof (special rice) and chicken! super fun
Pday! Daniel is an amazing man!

Well family, I love you all and hope you have a great week! Choose the right.

Elder Kade Eppich

Elder Eppich hopefully holding a non Ebola virus carrying monkey :)

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