Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Another great week in West Africa as the church rolls forward

September 1, 2014


Wow what another great week we had! It was super busy and not easy but
It was all good. We had a mission tour with Elder Dube in Kpong on
Wednesday and so we drove down to Ho Tuesday night and slept there.
Then early Wednesday morning we made our journey to Kpong. It was
great to be able to hear from a GA, but it was kinda funny because I
was used to seeing him around the temple site when I was the AP so it
didn’t seem as awesome as when Elder Vinson came earlier this year but 
it was great!

We have been working hard in teaching part member families and
that seems to give us the most success! Yesterday was kind of weird
at church because I was the one presiding and gave the concluding remarks.
Everyone was late to church and so I went over the parable of the ten
Virgins and how 5 weren’t prepared and were late so it was kind have bold
but I made sure I got my point across and people really enjoyed it.

We only have sacrament and then the gospel principles class after that
and then call it a day because of not enough people to do a lot of different
things. But it was another great service and the spirit was really present, 
especially during the gospel principles class. We talked about baptism and
a man we never met before came up to us and said he needs to
baptized by the priesthood authority! It was great. Like I said, have been
working a lot with part member families and even had two wives of
members come to church and so we are really praying that they progress
to baptism this month and prepare for further covenants with God! At
the church service we had 7 members, 3 children 11 investigators along with Elder Zaugg and I.  We were so happy! We worked our hardest for those
investigators to come to church and it really strengthened the members by
helping them prepare giving a talk or blessing the sacrament, etc.  This week 
we are hoping to start a mid weekservice where we can help the members 
and investigators grow even more. We have to rent plastic chairs each week because we don’t have any and so that is always a struggle, but its good!

We have been having lots of rainstorms and they are so awesome! We
had a super important lesson at 3 o'clock and it was raining really
hard but we didn’t want to miss the lesson because this lady is really
smart, educated and prepared so we biked a few miles in the pouring rain
to meet her at 3 and she loved that we were so good at keeping time!

So everyone back home make sure you are keeping your time management
because I hate how people are always late here! We have just been
involved with so many things that it’s hard to remember everything to tell you. 

Elder Zaugg is awesome and we get along so well and so the teaching is
great and people can really understand us!

The people here are so loving and kind! They dish our free meals to us
all the time! Nothing like in  Accra! We met a lady two times this last
week and they weren’t even that long of meetings and she called us
today and fed us a massive free meal and it was so good! That
would never happen back home, you don’t invite complete strangers
into your home like that, let alone feed them an expensive

So today was also probably one of the greatest Pdays ever! Elder Zaugg
and I went to the Wli waterfalls, which is the highest waterfalls in
West Africa.  It's 20 mins from our area! You hike 40 minutes
and come to a beautiful waterfall and it’s so awesome! The hike is
amazing and we only took the short one, so mom and dad when we come
back to Ghana we will go on the 6 hour hike where it goes above the
waterfalls and all around it! (oh yay!) it was so awesome! We took a lot of
photos but the Internet connection today is terrible so we can't send
photos..... but just know that it was awesome and I can’t wait to go
back there with mom and dad!

Well family I love you all and hope you continue to do good! It must
be weird with only you two in the house alone! Sorry. haha but that
will make you look even more forward to me coming home :) ha have a
good week!

Elder Eppich

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