Monday, September 8, 2014

"I’m so blessed to be serving in such a great area and learning from these wonderful people."


Wli Falls


September 8, 2014


Wow what a great week we had! It rained a lot but we were still able to work hard and have some sweet lessons! One of the lessons was with a member's wife named, Helen who is very quiet but smart. She asked us an inspired question when we were teaching the plan of Salvation and specifically the Spirit World. She asked us "is there anything that we can do here on this earth for those souls that are stuck in Spirit prison" and we were like what?? Are you serious? It blew our minds of her understanding and curiosity. So we taught her about baptism for the dead and it really helped her out! She is awesome lady and the spirit was super strong in that lessons. That just started our weekend off with a bang! Had a great opportunity to fast and then in my opinion, Sunday's Fast and Testimony service was probably one of the greatest sacrament meetings I have ever attended in my whole life! Elder Zaugg would agree!

It all started Sunday morning when we were actually worried about how it would all turn out because of our members not willing to stand up and bear their testimonies... We were both wrong. After I had shared my Testimony with the congregation of about 18 or so at the time, member after member was getting up and bearing their testimony of this great church! Every single member there were (6) stood up and bore an amazing testimony that really brought the spirit, but that wasn’t all, that was just the beginning. 

So To help you understand everything that is going on..last week we had a random man come to church whose name is Jonathan and he told us after the church service that a random number called him last week and told him about the new Group of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints had been started in Hohoe and that he wanted him to come... Jonathan has no idea who the man was or what number he used.... he tried to call him back but it wouldn’t go through.... interesting right? Maybe one of the three nephities has a cell phone because this man is correct and they knew this man needed the true church. We taught him about baptism that Sunday and he loved it and knew he needed to baptize so we gave him a baptismal date.

On Friday we went and visited him and his family in a village outside of Hohoe which we can only go out there once a week because of time and cost. We find out that he had 12 children and was an assemblyman (kind of like a mayor for a small village) all of his children are grown up because Jonathan is like 70...anyways when we taught him his wife and one of their daughters. They continued to love what we shared and the mother gave us four of their children’s phone number that we can go and teach them! Two live in Hohoe so we went and got a hold of them and one of them name is Celestine who is married and has two kids super nice lady and she promised to come to church.  

So let me get back to sacrament service...after all the members had bore their testimony,  there was like 15 mins left and Jonathan was the first investigator to pop up and let me tell you.... he bore a beautiful testimony of the church! You would have thought that he was a member already! He talked about the priesthood, Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon and everything. We have only sat down with him twice. The guy is super sweet! And almost brought tears to my eyes! Gosh I wish I could have recorded his testimony after that three  more investigators also bore an awesome testimony! And two of them it was only their first time, and one of them was Brother Jonathan's daughters (Celestine) who we received her as a referral from her father. We taught her on Saturday and she came to church Sunday! She just loved the feeling that she had when she walked into the church and is definitely going to come back with her husband. It’s hard to describe the feelings that we had at the end of that service! I’m so blessed to be serving in such a great area and learning from these wonderful people.

 But even that is not all.... Sister Celestine had invited us over to enjoy some fufu and teach her and her family and to our surprise her father Jonathan was at her house and we had a great FM but also a great lesson. Whenever she asked a question about the church we would let brother Jonathan try and answer it to the best of his understanding and he did great! It was like a member present lesson! He has been searching for a long time and is so worried about his salvation and what will happen to him, that he was truly prepared for us to come to Hohoe! The Lord sent us here at the right time! So hopefully sister Helen and brother Jonathan will be prepared enough for baptism on the 21st.....

Ya mom that was funny when he asked us for someone’s phone number back home because he had 5 mins of free call to the US and he loved talking to you. Daniel is a stud and is one of a kind. He will come and visit us in the states!' He just needs a visa!(I got a phone call from a member on Wednesday, It was awesome he said how grateful he is for Elder Eppich and that he is doing a "wonderful work"..needless to say, he made my day) That is awesome about Elder Dowuoana-Hammond he seems sweet and I cant wait to meet him! (Elder Dowuona-Hammond is an elder from Ghana serving in the Washington Kennewick mission, serving in Othello. Todd and I went and met he and his comp Friday night) Too bad I didn’t meet his father! (His father went to the mission home last week to meet Elder Eppich but he had already been transferred  He said he is going to travel all the way to Hoeho to meet him!)

Oh also to make Sunday even better is right before church started, I got a call from a RC couple who were walking to church and they just called and thanked me for helping them find the true church and it was the best feeling ever! It was an amazing Sunday and hard to express in words! 

That is awesome about the new stake presidency! It will be different to go home and get released by president Larsen but it will be great! Well family I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Eppich
Melt my heart....This is Nana, an investigators son

Cute Elder Eppich :)

Dinner at Sister Celestine's house. Fufu

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