Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"study the scriptures and apply them to your life"

September 16, 2014


Well this week was a good week for us again as we are trying to use
our time wisely and effectively. 

Brother Jonathan and Helen are both progressing very well 
and we are trying our best to prepare them for
next week! Brother Jonathan is set for his baptism and sister Helen is
still praying about it. They all came to church and enjoyed it and
have lots of questions. Both of them will have to have interviews
this week so were hoping that all the timing will be good and it will
all get accomplished! 

We were down in Ho at the beginning of the week
for a zone training and I’m not going to lie it was nice not to worry
about giving instruction and worrying about all of that stuff haha.

Elder Zaugg and I are enjoying together and it has been fun being his
companion. We are praying we stay together one more transfer but we will
see what happens!

 It's been raining a lot and also light off (no electricity) quite a
bit which is super lame but I’ve just kind of gotten used to sleeping
without the fan but then when it comes on at night it gets super
cold!!! (Its probably not that cold just feels that way!)

 We had 17 people at church this Sunday. It wasn’t what we
were hoping for but we will have to just work harder this week! 

I have been really loving my personal study the last month and have learned
so much! I pray I will take the time to study a lot when I get home.
When I was AP I never got a chance to have a good personal study and companion
study so this has really been awesome to get that back again! I continue to
hope that all of you are not taking the scriptures lightly and
reading them as often as you can and not just reading but studying and
trying to apply them to your life. Have a great week.... much
Love.... pray for sister Helen and brother Jonathan....

Elder Eppich
Africa Service Day - August 16, 2014
(I found this picture online)

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