Saturday, July 5, 2014

New Mission President - help hasten the work of Salvation

President Judd and Elder Eppich

Welcome to the Heid's, new mission president of Ghana Accra Mission

baptism of Ezekiel
June 30, 2014


Well I remember that this week was a really nice one but I don’t remember the specifics. It was a great and last one that we had with president Judd. We tried to finalize everything for President Heid's arrival and everything we really smoothly. We were able to meet with President Heid and President Judd Saturday evening and it was great! I will miss President Judd very much but I pray and hope I will be able to retain everything he has taught me. I am also excited to learn different things from President Heid. President Heid is super awesome! He is much different than President Judd but they are both great in their different ways. President Heid likes to have fun but be obedient at the same time.... that has pretty much been my Motto the whole mission haha. He will be great for the Ghana Accra Mission.  President Judd could have still taught me a bunch of things and helped the mission out so much but his time is finished and it’s President Heid time to help hasten the work of salvation.

We had a great baptism yesterday with brother Ezekiel, I was given the opportunity to baptize him. I can't remember if I told you about him, but basically he is the definition of an "Elect Man". He came to church, loved the teachings, read, and so much more. Whenever we talk with him he always has his eyes on the temple and going there some day. He is 31 yrs. old and not married but hopefully that will change. It’s kind of hard because right now the economy is super bad and so people see the nice beautiful church and temple and so some think they can come and be baptized and then receive financial aid from the church. We have to discern if the person is putting on a show or really elect. So we make it clear to everyone that we can’t assist them with money when they are baptized.

We actually had a pretty crazy event that happened last week in one of my old areas.  There was a kidnapping and some missionaries saved the day and helped assist the police in catching the kidnapper! It was pretty crazy!

The church is true! I love each and every one of you and hope you enjoy the cabin. Kraymer has to either take a class from President Judd at BYU or go and greet him! I told president Judd that he would do that so he is expecting it! Have a great week!

Also, I had no idea you are going to Argentina that will be awesome and I don’t know if I want you to come and pick me up haha just depends, time will tell. 

Elder Kade Eppich

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