Monday, July 28, 2014

Definitely a great mission to serve in and at a great time!

"Socker" in Ghana
July 28, 2014


Well it looks like you had a very busy week! I’m jealous you got to go to the cabin, but not really because I will get to go next year! I hope the boat and Jet skis are going to still be working when I get home! That is crazy about the wild fire in Wenatchee! Super scary.  Hopefully you don’t need that generator the next couple of weeks if a black out happens. That would be something you would want to buy another one after you donated it to the people there.

Yes Johnson’s wife came to church yesterday and it was so awesome! She loved it! The Relief Society here is great for the sister investigators because that is all they talk about when they leave from church each week! The Lord continues to bless us with his Grace as we are working hard in other parts of our responsibilities besides proselyting but yet we were blessed with 9 great investigators at church! I like being so busy because it helps us focus on our most important investigators!

So we had an interesting experience yesterday. We got a call from our sisters early Sunday saying they need to be rushed to the hospital and the sister couldn’t move so we had to drive fast to Adenta to pick her and her comp up then took them to the hospital. She was super sick and couldn’t really move. So the problem was that we only had 400 ghc in our assistants reimbursement, and so you have to pay cash for them to see the sister and whatever drugs that she needs. It was crazy but it came down to I had to pay 640 ghc of my own money to cover all of the needs, so that was a pretty crazy Sabbath! We were there from 630am-2pm. We missed sacrament but once the sister missionary was ok and was sleeping we ran over and greeted our investigators at the chapel for a while and then went back to the hospital to find out the test results. Apparently she had an infection in her stomach from something she ate! It was a fun experience but I was super tired!

There was also a great experience at the beginning of the week where we were able to head east from Accra and go look around an area east of Tema where hopefully we will be able to open a branch soon there! The church isn’t very far east of Tema and so its great to be a part of preparing the future of the church here in Ghana! Definitely a great mission to serve in and at a great time! We met some strong members there!

Family and friends I love you all and pray for you each and every day! The church is true, have a great week!

Elder Eppich

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