Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"A Successful and Busy Week"

July 21, 2104


Well the week was a successful week and pretty busy! We were able to see Brother Johnson confirmed a member of the church yesterday and he was looking way good in his African wear. We are still working on his wife but she is still somehow stubborn and not willing to come to church yet; nevertheless, we will continue to work on her because eternal marriage is our goal, not just baptism. 

This week we were able to visit a couple of zones with President and Sister Heid. We first went to Korfidua where we were visiting the different missionaries and their apartments and meeting house, but when we were in Maase (which is the farthest north our mission has a meeting place in the eastern region) we got a call from a sister missionary saying that she needed to go to the hospital and so we had to come all the way home from there and meet her at the hospital. It was a very long day with lots of travel. We were just going to spend the night and work with some more missionaries the next day, but the Lord had different plans for us. So Elder Fausett (office Elder) and I drove to the hospital to pick up her comp because we thought the sister missionary was going to be staying the night at the hospital but actually the doctor just gave her some different medication and all was good. So At 9:30 pm we had to drive these sisters back to their apt in Tema. It was definitely a long day but it was a good experience to travel pretty much most of the mission in one day!

 We also had a sisters’ conference on Friday and it was good to hear some of the sisters concerns and way to help them out more.

 Also, yesterday we got a call that there was a missionary from Korfidua who needed to be released as a missionary because he was flying home to Accra on a Sunday because his flight got cancelled and nobody really was aware of it and so basically to make the story short we found out that a missionary landed in the airport at 11 am and we didn't get there until 1:30 to pick him up......So mom and family don't let that happen to me haha that is my worst fear of coming home and nobody is there in the airport and I have to get a taxi home haha jk Well family, I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Eppich

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