Monday, June 23, 2014

A touch of home

June 23, 2014


I actually had forgotten that we ran into him, but ya so crazy story with Uncle Lanes brother!! We were at a little shopping mall buying some stuff for a missionary that was coming to Accra from far away, and we ran into Bishop Abu who is an amazing man (his father translate the Temple endowment video to Twi) he is actually married to an American women and so he works a lot with Americans coming to Ghana and helping them out.  
He was telling us he was with some Americans right now and so we went over to talk to them and I heard him say his name, but I thought I just misheard him and so we continued to talk and then I introduced myself and where I was from and he was like oh I know your father and I’m like what? What’s your name again? And he said Lane Mcgary is my brother I’m Steve McGary and I was like what the heck??? Are you serious and so we started to talk a lot more about back home and family, it was super sweet and random.

And yes president and Sister Judd are leaving next Sunday night and president Heid flies in the day before. So this week will be pretty crazy and we actually have a mini transfer this Wednesday because we have a couple of French speaking missionaries that have been learning English in the MTC in Tema and so they are coming this Wednesday so we will stay pretty busy...again haha. I’m super excited to start working with President Heid; it will be different but very rewarding! I guess he has already received our pictures and learning about us. Also I didn’t receive Karigan's graduation card, and that also reminds me that tell Karigan that I get my old number back.....if possible, I have been memorizing a million different phone numbers that last 16+months and I don’t want to have to memorize another one haha.

Brother Kofi was confirmed yesterday and I had given him one of my old shirts and ties and so he looked way fresh when he came to church. Yes, the World Cup is crazy here! We would just be driving down the road and hear people screaming when there is a goal. It is awesome, and ya I was bummed when Ghana lost to USA :( but they played super well against Germany! But I don’t think they can qualify to the next round now :( but I mean Ghana is super strong team and especially how small of a country they are! I think they are like the size of Oregon and a third world country so they did alright at the World Cup. Hopefully they beat Portugal this next week! But even if they do I’m pretty sure they wont have enough points to qualify.

Well family, I love all of you and I’m thankful for all that you do for me! I can’t think of anything right now for to send me, but ill pray about it. Have a great week!

Much love

Elder Eppich

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