Monday, July 14, 2014

"Everything Just Makes Sense"

I'm going to miss Elder Shults, one of my best friends on mission!!! from Las Vegas Nevada..... He was trained by my grandfather haha so he is my "Uncle" on mission. He was a ZL so we worked a lot with each other.

I gave this small boy that was begging for money a pamphlet (cant give money) and he just started to go to town on the book and never walked off to ask for money the rest of the red light and was just either looking at the photos or reading...not sure which one

Brother Johnson's baptism

July 14, 2014


Wow what a crazy busy week, like seriously probably the busiest week I have ever had on mission! I don’t know if I want to explain it all but I will try my best! It started off on Tuesday where we had our missionaries going home, which by the way are some of my best mission buddies :(, and we had to help weigh their luggage, eat dinner, and then drive them to the airport for their flights. But because of traffic we were pretty far behind schedule and one of our Kenyan elders thought that he could take 2 pieces of luggage that weigh 30 KG each but actually it was a total of 30 KGs and so when we found that out we were all stressing because his flight was going to leave in an hour and he still had to go through all that security crap for an international flight.  So the poor Elder had to throw open his bags and start moving everything around to take his most prized possessions home and finally we were able to have him send one bag that weighed like 33 KGs and then we had to run to the security check point and sit and watch him go through the security, which stunk to sit there and watch him get ready to board his airplane and fly home.... but anyways its was all good. 

That night we got home late and had our transfers the next day! So we woke up once again at 4 in the morning and ran to the MTC to pick up the new missionaries and bring them back for their orientations and to get their trainers! By the way I’m staying with my comp, which I’m happy about, and actually Elder Hatch and his comp moved into the mission home because we lost the lease for their apt because it is so expensive so now we have 6 in our apt! We took home some sister missionaries that live a ways away and when we were coming back we got a call that one of our sisters that was in the hospital was about to be released and we needed to collect 4000 GHc from President Heid to go and take her out and send her to Tema! So all of that fun stuff happens and took the rest of our night! We got home at 9, met with President Heid to discuss everything and then we had to prepare a PowerPoint for the following day, which was our mission leadership council!! So we got to bed late but in the morning (Thursday morning if I have lost a few of you in my unorganized description of the week) we were able to play catch because one of the ZL in Kof town had two mitts so we played catch for a few minutes than it was back to work and finish prepping everything for MLC which lasted from 9am-4pm haha so much fun..... The rest of the night was pretty chill and then Saturday morning Elder Hatch’s comp walks into the kitchen and tells us he is going into crisis (sickle-cell amenia) and needed to be taken to the hospital.... so that is what we did Saturday morning! Took him to the hospital and President Heid and I just stayed together and had a good long chat about the future and what I should do! So it was great! Elder N____ is doing better now, but basically something in the bone marrow just causes extreme pain in the body!!! So that somehow summed up the week!

Sunday we had a great baptism of our brother Johnson who was somehow a referral from a less active member at the time until he started to come with his brother. He was prepared for us to come and teach him! He had an open heart and a willing mind and he truly loves the church and teaching! We are still working with his wife but she is still somehow stubborn and loves her church! So that will take some time!

This week looks busy as we are going on a mission tour and going out see two zones this week and do interviews with President Heid to get to know him better! I love everything though so it’s great! Wish I could spend more time proselyting but this calling is really going to help prepare me for future callings in the church! I often catch myself noticing how things are run wrong in a ward or branch because of different things President Judd has taught me and just from being a missionary. I try not to say too much because I don’t want to offend the bishopric or anything like that... they wanted to postpone our baptism because of Ward council yesterday to move it to next week but me and my comp said NO haha. It was great because we had so many members supporting him! Even a lot of whites because they want to see an African baptismal service!

Today we had an awesome sport day where we met up with the AP’s and Office elders from the other mission at the temple site and played forever! Elder Van Scheltema (Kade’s trainer but got transferred to new mission)is going home next week (Tuesday) and I’m going to miss him so much!! He will do great things! Also, President Heid trusted me enough to cut his hair! So I thought that was sweet! I got pulled over by a cop again for a U-Turn that was completely legal and this time I didn’t waste anytime in bringing out a book of Mormon haha so he let us go pretty fast.  I love you all and know the Church is true! Everything just makes sense! Have a great week. Oh also I forgot that last night the Crisps’ fed us chicken fettuccini alfredo and it was amazing!!!! They are so awesome and loving! Also, for dessert we had root beer floats!!!! booyahhahah love you all once again!!

Elder Eppich

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