Monday, August 4, 2014

"Include all of West Africa in your prayers"

President Azuma and Family
Teaching discussion with Elder Fausett following
Brother Samuel, Elder Eppich, President Azuma, Brother Moses

Lake Voltz - Kpong region

August 3, 2014


Well this week has been pretty crazy and hectic for us but has been so much fun! To start off I got a call from a RC saying she wants to know how to get General conference tickets in October!! That would be awesome for her to go and meet the family! I may ask her to wait until I go home so I can meet her there! It was sister Deborah from Kaneshie.... Elder Van Scheltema and mine last baptism together. So we will see how that goes. She is a nurse. And yes the Ebola virus is a pretty big deal here but we just need to keep ourselves safe and clean. It hasn’t got to Ghana yet so that is good and we may receive missionaries from those different mission this week (Sierra Leon and Libera missions are temporarily closed)s but we don’t know everything right now. It will definitely strengthen us in numbers and help us grow as a mission to places we have not reached yet.

That soccer picture I sent last week was when we had a ward activity. There are a couple of missionaries and members together... we lost 2-3 it was such a blast though! I knew Karigan would like that picture I sent yesterday (a member from church took a picture and text to Karigan yesterday) I’m glad it made her day! Yes the sister missionary is doing much better and no worries there! Also before I forget can you send a copy of my patriarchal blessing? I lost mine somewhere.... I read it all the time but I think someone was messing with my stuff and accidently dropped it somewhere. So maybe just take a picture of it and send it over email and I can print it off. I got sick this week, which was a bummer, but it was a good thing I had not heard of how serious the Ebola problem was or else I probably would have really freaked out. haha

We had a great experience with an investigator this week as we had challenged her to really pray about the church and as she knelt down to pray she asked God if the church was true or not because she was tired of being confused, and the first answer she got was No! In a really loud voice, but a few moments after that, as she continued to listen she heard a still small voice whisper yes and she knew that was her answer! Her Brother is a strong RC so he can continue to nurture her, but a problem we are facing is she leaves to university at the end of the month and we may not want to baptize her because the church is pretty far away from campus and she may go less active.  We will go by the spirit and judge what would be best. I just felt like sharing that with you. I don’t share a whole lot because of time but that was a neat experience for Elder Izekor and I.

Another great experience we had this week was when three members from Tema New Town branch came to the temple for an endowment session. President Azuma has problems with his legs.  When he was a child they never really grew and so he walks on his hands and he is a complete stud!! He is married with 3 children and he is the branch president. Brother Samuel is the second counselor in the presidency and Brother Moses was less active when I was there but we were able to reactivate him! They are all such great people and I love them to death! I couldn’t go to a session with them because of the time issues but it was good to meet with them all!!! They love me :)  Also we had a good trip to Kpong and got to see the Volta Lake. We had to visit the Kpong zone and we stopped to look at new areas for missionaries and branches.

Well Family and friends I love all of you and I’m grateful for all that you do. I hope you not only include me in your prayers but also all of West Africa. We know the Lord is in charge and will do what is best for the people here! Also Elder Hatch is the new office elder so we will be working a lot closer now. It's so weird that we live in the same apartment and we are so far away from home! Have a good week!

Elder Eppich

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