Monday, May 26, 2014

"We were friends before..."

May 26, 2014


Well by God’s Grace I’m still doing good! This week we had a busy week yet again, and the days go by so fast! This was seriously the fastest 6 weeks! I can’t believe it’s already transfers this week, which means that we will be very busy!! just like always :) But the highlight of the week was we were finally able to go and do an endowment session!!! It was so sweet!  I loved it!  I was so happy I was able to go! It seriously really helped strengthen me and keep me going! Kind of a new start!

Dang what is up with all of the health issues in the basin? Tell bro Mackay, Bishop Ririe, and Jande that they are in my prayers~! I’m happy that they are improving small!

Dang Alan is home off his mission, great Kraymer will never get married because he will just be around all of his high school buddies again ha But I’m happy with that because I want to be around for kraymer's wedding!

I honestly don’t really remember a whole lot this week; I like to look in my journal to see what I was thinking and doing a year ago! It’s so crazy haha. 

I actually had a neat experience this last week that I would like to share. If it sounds weird or you don’t really understand what I’m trying to say I’m sorry just know that I understand. We had a man around 25 come to church last week and because of his busy work schedule and schooling schedule it is hard for us to see him. We were finally able to see him on Saturday where we taught him at the church (which is right next to the temple, so it is a perfect place for a first discussion) and when we were teaching him I was just thinking where have I met this man before?? He looks so familiar, sounds so familiar and so forth. But as I was thinking about this a thought popped in my mind saying that “you know this man, and you have known him for a very long time, you were friends in the pre mortal world”... and after that I just felt peace! It was so awesome and hard to explain unless you were me, but it is not the first time where I have had that same feeling or thought and the person ends up getting baptized! Now obviously I don’t know if all of this is correct, but it felt right! I guess you would just need to experience it to understand it. Maybe other missionaries know what I mean. So we are going to be working with this man by all means! Hopefully he will be able to meet with us during our busy schedule!

Also, today we had a sweet soccer match where it was legit!!! We played our ward vs. another ward and we had jerseys, socks and everything! It was great! I played defense the whole time because these boys were way good haha. It started around 9 and finished about 12 so I got burned. haha I’m turning to Obruni (white person) because of having a truck and everything so it was good for me to be in the sun haha. After we get done emailing we have to go and meet with president and finish all the transfers! We were thrown a curve ball this week by two of the French speakers needed more time to learn English and so we had to re due a bunch of stuff haha. So we will pray it all goes well. Family I love you all and hope all is going good back home! Enjoy your week.

Elder Eppich

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