Monday, May 19, 2014

Zone Conferences

Ghana Accra Temple. The trees and grounds are beautiful
This is my Kontomire Stew. Kontomire is a leaf that they use for cooking here. And Eba is a Nigerian food that they use to eat with a stew. So i would get a golf ball size of Eba on my hand and scoop some Kontomire up and eat it! it is way good!!! 

May 19, 2014


Well to start I was looking at those photos that I sent home last week and I didn’t realize how explicit those baboons were haha my bad, hope I didn’t offend anyone.

This last week flew by! So yes we had our Zone Conferences and it will be the last one for President and Sister Judd. So it was definitely sad but so great at the same time! It all started last week Monday when the elders from Kpong and Ho zone came to the mission home to spend the night. The next day (Tuesday) we had the Ho and Kpong Zone go to the temple in the morning and the Adenta zone had the first conference, after the conference with Adenta we had lunch and the Adenta elders went to the temple and the Ho and Kpong zone came to the conference. So this happened from Tuesday - Friday with different zones and it was really busy. Because of the conferences we weren’t able to go to the temple but this week we will go just my comp and me and the 2 office elders. It will be great! I’m praying I will get to see the new endowment video; I haven’t been for an endowment in almost a year so it will be very nice!

The main part of the Conference was a Questions and Answers segment where the missionaries got to ask questions to president and Sister Judd about life, marriage, doctrinal questions, and so forth haha I learned a lot! I feel very blessed to be around president Judd everyday and learn from him where other missionaries get to be around him like I do once a month! So its great and I have learned so much! I hope I can remember everything! Its funny because he will correct me on small little things like for an example when I’m conducting and I say page number 2, The Spirit of God, he will correct me by saying Hymn number 2. It’s great because I’m learning so many wonderful things from him and I know it will help me when the new mission president comes in July and when I’m older! We were only able to teach 10 lessons this last week but it was alright! We were blessed in many different ways!

I’m pleased to announce that I have been approved as a good chef from my companion. haha on Sunday I made a nice Kontomire stew!!! It is delicious and is basically made out of leafs and oil haha I will send a pic of it with my Eba (Nigerian food)

As for birthday requests, I honestly don’t really know, I don’t even know what there is from the US anymore. I know I will be spending quite a bit of money in the next few months to get a new suit because I gave mine away to a member that is leaving on his mission soon and a few other nice things :) but I can just buy that with my own money, so send whatever your heart desires J. I love all of you very much and hope all is well! Just know the church is true and how important it is to learn the language of the spirit. That is critical for me as a missionary and for when I go home to know when the spirit is talking to me to help guide me in the right direction concerning education, marriage:), and so forth! Have a great week,

Elder Kade Eppich

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