Monday, June 2, 2014

"The Church is True and Missionary Work is Divine"

June 2, 2014


Well this last week was pretty busy once again with transfers. I felt like it all turned out well and the new companionships and areas are going to be a blessing to the new missionaries serving in their areas. We try our best to align our will with the Lord's will when it comes to transfers. Tuesday was awesome because we have the departure devo for the missionaries going home and we eat plenty of nice food that is cooked by sister Judd and her little helper.  Then there is a small farewell when the missionaries going home bare their testimony, so all of that is awesome but than you watch them head off to the airport and its like..... That’s sweet they are heading home to see their families but also sad. Wednesday was crazy day because we woke up at 430 to go to the MTC and pick the new missionaries up, have a welcome orientation with them and they get to receive their trainers. Then we receive a bunch of missionaries that come and get their new comps and supplies which is always fun to see old companions and friends. After that we had to take sister missionaries to a new apartment because we need more rooms for sisters because the next couple of transfers we will be getting a lot of them (only sisters from Africa are allowed in our mission).

I haven’t received my birthday packages yet, but I’m sure they will arrive. I guess the post office is charging money for those padded envelopes now so when you write on the outside of the package how much everything is worth inside the package just say its very cheep or else they will charge a bunch of money. I’m happy Karigan enjoyed state track and I can’t believe she is graduating so soon. Yes I seriously can’t believe I graduated 2 years ago!!! Crazy! Time is going by fast.

As for me I was studying for the new missionary orientation this last week and I talked about unity in the companionship and how much it will bless the lives of the missionaries and the investigators when you are truly unified. As I look back, I feel like the missionaries I have been with we have done very well in being unified and I feel like that blessed the work. But I was talking about Mosiah 18; 21 and how important it is, and I just kept thinking about how much this is going to help prepare me for my marriage when I get home haha. I have had some very different companions with much different personalities but yet we have been able to work things out and become great friends. It's so true when they tell you that a mission prepares you for life and I could have never learned these things unless I served a mission.  Then I went on talking about how the closer we get to God individually the closer we will get to our companions and I used an awesome talk by Elder Romney called Unity so you can look that up if you want. Well family I love you all and I’m grateful for your support..... I’m turning 20 soon! So crazy! The church is true and missionary work is divine. Talk to you next week.

Elder Eppich

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