Monday, April 28, 2014

Kaitlan and Cecillia had their babies!

April 28, 2014


Yup I was able to see that Kaitlan had the babies on Tuesday and I was so happy for her!! But seriously I was so perplexed to think that it was nine months ago (somewhere around there) when she told me that she was pregnant with twins!! Time flies by. In Ghana Kaitlan would name them Kwabena(boy) and Abena(girl). That is what they call Tuesday borns here. Also Cecilia had her baby boy on Wednesday!! She called me Wednesday night and told me that she wanted to name the babies Mormon Eppich Asante.... that would be so awesome if she did but I’m not sure yet. They take a while to name their babies here. I wish Kaitlan could have held on to those babies a little longer so she and Cecilla' could have had the babies the same day but its ok. I;m just happy everything went well with both pregnancies. Ya I forgot that Mother’s Day is approaching fast. Do you want me to Skype or call.......(Kade has only been able to call) And as for the instruction to the new missionaries, I just talked about the small and simple things of missionary work brings to pass great things..... daily schedule, area book, companionship unity.... things like that. I’m not in danger or anything going to the military barracks they just don’t allow foreigners to come in. 

This week was pretty busy. We struggle to meet people to teach. I don’t remember if I told you but we are not allowed to contact in the military barracks so we have to have the light of Christ so people contact US and want to know more. That is how we do our work here. We are working with some sweet investigators. A nice young couple who came to church yesterday for stake conference. I hope they enjoyed it and that it didn’t confuse them. That is only thing that I don’t really like about the new ward and area is there are a lot of white people. I just feel weird when I see them, especially if they aren’t senior couples. Oh on Saturday night after the stake conference my companion and I and the ZL in this zone went to KFC and ate dinner haha. It reminded me of when dad would take us to Wendy’s after the Priesthood dealio. It was super awesome, but cost me like 30 cedis (around 10 dollars) for everything which is really cheap back home but now I don’t like to spend that much very often because you can buy a lot here for 30 cedis. But it was totally worth it! Also we actually already started to work on next transfer! We have a tough situation where 4 zone leaders are going home and they all need to be replaced, than the following transfer we have a couple more going home.... so it will be interesting! 

Well family I love you all and hope all is going good for you back home! The church is true and everything just makes perfect understanding in the church! That is one of the ways I gained my testimony in this church is how clear everything is. There is no confusion. Have a great week

Elder Eppich

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