Monday, April 14, 2014

Leaving Tema and New Town. New Assignment.

April 14, 2014


Well this week was once again busy for me! I actually received transfer news early this time. Unfortunately I will be leaving Tema and New Town :( I’m going to miss that place very much, and the awesome people there. I was hoping to see Cecilia give birth before I left but I guess not. But it was a perfect last Sunday to be there because all 8 of my recent converts were at church and I got some nice pictures with them! So yes very sad that I’m leaving but I’m trading all of that for a washing machine, air conditioning, and a truck!  President Judd called me Sunday morning and asked me to be his new Assistant! I was a little overwhelmed but I knew that is what the Lord needs of me! So Sunday afternoon the AP came and picked me up and we went and did the numbers for the mission at the mission home and finished around 12 midnight. It will definitely be a lot different being an AP but I’m super excited to be around President Judd! He is awesome. My new companion is Elder Izekor from Nigeria. He is super awesome and very loving. So I’m currently at the mission home just learning the role of an AP. The previous AP that I replaced goes home tomorrow, and my comp can’t drive so I have to learn how to drive fast. It is going to be so weird! I slept real nice though with A/C in my apartment and then this morning we washed the car by hand. It probably sounds so weird that I’m talking about all these small things but its so weird thinking about the things I have now! I went to bed with dirty clothes and woke up with clean ones:) the only bad thing is the washing machine doesn’t do very good on the collars so I have to scrub them before putting them in the machine! 

This week should be a little busy because it is transfers so we’ll see how it goes! I hope Kaitlan and Cecilia give birth on the same day! That would be so awesome! Well family I love you all and hope you have a great week! The church is true!!

Elder Eppich

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