Monday, February 10, 2014

Seeing the Miracles of Hard Work

Elder Eppich and other missionaries eating fufu with grasscutter. Grasscutter is a BIG African rat!!

1 year anniversary in Ghana

Elder Eppich and companion eating pizza, a rare treat.
February 10, 2014


Well this last week was an amazing one for us! Elder Strong and I worked super hard and we definitely saw the miracle that came from it! So I will have to describe to you everything so that you can understand how big of a deal it is. So Tema New Town is about an hour-long walk to the nearest church building or a very expensive taxi ride. Keep in mind New Town is a very poor area and they don’t have a lot. So yesterday we had 9 investigators at church!!! That is an amazing number where we are serving! We just have found some super awesome people that we are working with and they are all willing to make the sacrifice to come to church! I can’t wait to see how everything grows when we put a branch in New Town! It will definitely be a huge blessing. The only thing that is stopping us right now from doing it is finding a branch building. So Elder Strong and I have been asking around and are praying for a new building to bless the lives of these great people!

On Thursday, Elder Ballard (other zone leader) and I went to Accra for our Mission Leadership Council and we talked about a lot of stuff and really applied with what we learned from Elder Bednar to our council of about 14 missionaries. Then on Friday night we met with the Stake president (Elder Ballard and I) and were able to talk about a lot of things. President Morrison is an amazing Stake President! Currently in the Tema stake we have 3300 members and Elder Bednar has asked Presdent Morrison to do whatever it takes to be able to split the stake by December 2014. To do that we will have to have 3800 members in the stake. So basically he was telling us that we have to bring 500 souls to Christ by Christmas time, and we can totally do it with the help up faithful missionaries and members! It will be awesome to be able to see that happen!

So yes I burned a shirt and yes mom, I will send photos! Elder Strong and I were able to celebrate by going to Eddy’s pizza and drop 40 GHC (this is about 20. US) on some pizza. It was so amazing!!!! (Well not really, but it was the best I have had in Ghana) so that was nice but I don’t feel any different from being on a mission for a year now. haha

I’m super jealous of all the snow that you are enjoying right now! A few nights ago I was able to sleep with two fans blowing on me inside my mosquito net but it got me too cold so I had to turn one off haha. Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Eppich, Sr.

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