Monday, February 3, 2014

Elder Bednar in Ghana and One year mark as a missionary!

In Tema, Ghana. This scooter belongs to an investigator that is paralyzed from the waist down. When he isn't in this he crawls around on his hands. 

the original district Elder ujifusa(not pictured), ELDER Rain, me, van Scheltema, Thornhill, Nelson.
February 2, 2014


Well this week was an awesome week!! On Tuesday there was a member devotional with Elder Bednar and the missionaries that brought investigators were able to attend, we brought 3! It was so awesome! Elder Clayton, his wife, and Elder Bednar’s wife got up and bore their testimonies and then Elder Bednar got up and wanted everybody to ask him questions about the church! And there were over 2000 people there, so they just started to send around microphones and Elder Bednar answered them! It was such a sweet experience! One thing I learned in that meeting was when you are facing lots of trials and challenges just keep your head up, lean forward, and keep pressing forward! It was awesome! Our investigators loved it! But Thursday is where it was way awesome! To start off it was combined missions and so we got to see all the missionaries in the other mission that we knew before the mission split. It was awesome to see Elder van Scheltema, Hansen, Thornhill, and Elder Rain (my first District Leader) we got a sweet pic of our very first district! It was a powerhouse district because all of us are leaders in the mission now! I will send the photo! So basically it was the same kind of meeting with Elder Bednar! He got up and told us that we will be doing the talking today and ask questions. But before he started he talked about taking notes. He compared taking notes to the Book of Mormon. (I hope I say it right because it was way awesome how he explained it.) The book of Mormon was split into to sets of plates, the large plates were a history of everything that happened, but the small plates were spiritual promptings that they received and wrote down. So he told us he wants us to keep "small plate notes, and write down impressions that we receive from the Holy Spirit" and not take "large plate notes, where we just write down what he says" it really caught me by surprise the way he said it but I instantly loved it! So that is what I was trying to do, just listen all by the spirit and learn from the spirit and not from Elder Bednar. Elder Bednar was funny and just a normal man, but obviously he had a stronger spirit with him! He also said something that I really liked. It was "if all you heard was a great talk, then youre not listening!" I learned so much from the spirit that day and how I needed to be a better missionary and how to best help the zone! Elder Bednar talked a little on the Saviors ministry and how he ministered to the 2500 people "one-by-one" and how sometimes its not about how many baptisms you have or your lessons, but being able to help a struggling missionary! I know that is one of the reasons why I got transferred to Tema!

This week will mark my year on my mission! I can’t believe how fast it has gone by for me! It doesn’t seem like that long ago when I got to the MTC and now I am a year out and serving right next to the MTC! It blows my mind! One of the things Coach Riner taught me is how important the third quarter is! From the start of the third quarter you can see which team came ready to win the football game and has that strong desire to keep fighting and coming out after halftime ready to give it their all! So every game we gave it our all at the beginning of the third quarter and that momentum followed us the rest of the game! I truly believe that is one of the reasons why we did so well!! Now as I liken this to missionary work, I hope you will understand what I’m saying.  I am currently entering into the third quarter of my mission and I want to give it my all and keep that momentum running the rest of my mission! I don’t think coach Riner meant to refer that to missionary work (or maybe he did) but it applies very well here! 

Also, no we don’t have an oven but I guess there is one at our meeting house. Today we went to the MTC and played volleyball and it was so much fun! I miss just being able to go out and do whatever I want lol!

I love you all and miss you! I hope all is well and you have a great week!

Elder Kade Eppich

Ps I got the packages! Thank you so much! I love you and the summer sausage and cheese was awesome! They have crackers here that I can buy when the Ritz run out!!

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