Saturday, January 11, 2014

"The Gospel really does bless individuals and families!"

Brother Deborah's Baptim
Sister jessica and her mom Emilia. Jessica is leaving on her mission this week.

Sandra and Ellis Family Baptism
January 14, 2014

Well this last week was a very nice week! Brother Deborah got baptized! idk if you remember him but he was the man who would read all the time! I've never met any investigator that would read as much as he did!  Sister Sandra got baptized as well! Her husband, Ellis, was baptised the week before and they are such a loving, happy family! Their kids are so cute!! The gospel really does bless individuals and families!! Brother Ellis always tells us when he see us, "thank you so much for coming into my life and look how happy my family is!" Sister Sandra gave birth like 4 weeks ago and named the baby Evelyn.
Other than that I honestly don't remember what really happened this last week! We met this super awesome man named Richard and he came to church in a full suit and loved the church! He accepted a baptismal date even before he came to church. Four years ago right before his father died he told him to search for the true church and he was trying to decided between our church and a church called new testament baptist church and one of his friends was attending there and so he just decided to join that church but we were able to find and teach him about the restored church!

New Year's here was celebrated a lot more than Christmas! It was crazy! There were fire works going off all night with lots of drinking. It was so funny to see all the drunk people dancing their Ghanian dances haha.

I can't believe it is 2014!  I graduated high school 18 months ago!! haha so weird to think about!  I'm doing great here. Kpong (area he is serving in the bush) is so amazing and I'm going to have a hard time leaving here if i ever get transferred out! I pray that I don't. Love you lots, enjoy Mexico!
Elder Eppich Jr (soon to be SR :)

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