Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas from Ghana

December 30, 2013


Well this last week was a nice week that kept us very busy! On Tuesday we had a Christmas carols night in the Austuere branch and everyone went and sang songs and there were small skits that our branch clerk came up with and it was very nice.  Then Christmas was Wednesday and we woke up opened our presents and enjoyed the whole day. Sister Steinman sent all of us small nerf guns and little remote control cars for us to play with. So sweet of her! Then most of the day was just going around and getting fed by investigators and members. One of our investigators that Elder Steinman and I found and taught for a while got baptized on Christmas Day so that was awesome to watch!!  I’m sorry if I sounded different on the phone. It's because I was laying on Dr. Dugbateys bed with the lights off and fan going and so I was having a hard time staying awake. It was good to hear from everyone, but the last few minutes I’m not sure what was going on because I heard Kraymer start to talk to me but than I couldn’t hear anything else so I just said a few words and hung up haha (Kraymer was on Skype and we had Kade on Speaker phone so it was difficult for them to hear anyway and at the end Kraymer was bearing his testimony to Kade and us and we were all bawling, I was afraid Kade couldn't hear what was going on. :( Then Thursday was our Christmas party for the 3 branches and it was way sweet, nothing like a church Christmas party I’ve been to! They brought us a bunch of food and then brought in huge speakers and had way sweet music playing the whole time while visiting with everyone! Friday we had a dinner party for all the missionaries in our area that was put on by our district president and then Saturday our branch president fed us as well! So this whole week was crazy but awesome!!

This next week should cool down and do some good work in our area! Also yes I got the package from Janae' Saturday night! The Cosgrave’s were in Accra and picked it up for me :) there were two boxes! One box was for Elder Steinman and I. It had remote control helicopters (I was flying it this morning and got it stuck on the roof haha) and chocolate! Then the second box was for me with so many things in it! Wheat thins, jerky, chocolate, pictures, etc. It was really cool, she sent a puzzle that she put together and then wrote a letter on the back of it and than undid it and I had to put the puzzle together and read the letter on the back of it! Super creative and awesome. Make sure to let Janae and Sister Calaway know I got it and thank them so much!

Well family, I love you all very much and I'm grateful for the presents you sent me, especially that Nike watch!!! It is so sweet! It has GPS and tracks how far we walk and things like that!!! Elder Van Scheltema got his package and the zone is doing pretty good, we had a bad month and are working on trying to figure some things out. Have a great week!

Elder Eppich

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