Monday, January 13, 2014

"There is no sacrifice when you are in the Lord's service"

January 13, 2014


Well I'm happy you got the little package and letter I sent you. Sister Bridgett has already left on her mission so it is too late for you to send her something. That is sweet that Jarom and Heidi are leaving the same day! That will be good for both of them. They will be good missionaries. I need a new journal! So maybe you can send one in that package. It can be any kind that will fit in the package. And some more drink mixes. I’ve seen Elders have like little crystal light containers that you just squeeze into your water and its ready to drink.  Maybe some of those would be nice but I’m fine with whatever. 

This last week was a good week for Elder Steinman and I. On Tuesday, President Judd came to our district council and we were able to get a lot of help with some of our investigators’ concerns. President Judd was telling us how he meets with a lot of the church leaders in Ghana and he says most of them all come from the Kpong/Ho area and how we need to continue to work hard to find the elect. He also told us how Satan is not happy with the 3 new branches created out here and so that is some of the cause why we are having the challenges we're facing. The rest of the week we knew we had to work hard because we had a mission tour with Elder Vinson from the Area Presidency and it was really nice! One thing he said was that to always remember that "there is no sacrifice when you are in the Lord’s service". That really hit me hard just thinking about how everyone says we are sacrificing 2 years of our life, but really we are not! After the meeting, Elder Vinson chose 4 missionaries (before the meeting started) and I was one of them. I met with him for 10 or so minutes and it was really awesome! We just talked about family, mission, and the growth I’ve gained these last 11 months. I’m really curious why he chose me out of close to 60 missionaries. I guess maybe we will see in the future.

I’m happy you all enjoyed the trip to Mexico! I hope you are planning one when the family is all together again :) love ya lots! Have a great week!

Elder Eppich

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