Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Member Referrals

Elder Steinman, Brother Mark and Elder Eppich
November 18, 2013


Well this week was a nice one for Elder Steinman and I; we were able to see one of our investigators baptized yesterday. His name is brother Mark and it's awesome because he is good friends with one of our RC (recent converts) Emmanuel and Emmanuel was a good friend to David our other RC so because we were able to baptize brother David a while ago it led to two other investigators getting baptized. It helps so much when we are able to get referrals from the branch and they fellowship them really well and bring them to church. I honestly don’t remember much about what happened this last week, but one positive thing is that Sister Pat is getting closer to baptism we believe. The time is soon approaching and our branch president lives really close to her and so he is really encouraging her about baptism and once she commits then her family will as well! So I'm really praying for that! Oh and yes I got a package from you…but it was the one you mailed November 8th!! It got here in 9 days! I thought it was the Halloween one but when I opened it up it had little individual wrapped presents and I’m guessing they're ties so that will be nice to give out to the Elder's that don't have Christmas gifts! I couldn’t believe it got here so fast!! I’m praying the one you sent in October will get here somehow soon! Dang that is sweet that you finally got rid of the old computer. Haha. I think I will just call on Christmas, because there is absolutely no place you can skype from out here unless you go to Ho and we would have to do that on a Pday which is the 23rd or something like that so I would rather just call on the 25th. As for the suitcase, that is awesome of Sister Steinman but one thing that Elder Steinman just said is that we can buy the pancake mix in Accra so maybe don't send that because the Cosgraves can pick it up for us sometime and we just opened the second bag of mix today. And I honestly can’t think of anything right now besides chocolate Haha but I’m hoping you sent some in the October package (if I ever get it) or the Christmas one, so we will see. I think this is the longest time I have been with out chocolate sent I came out of the womb! I love you all very much and hope you have an awesome week! I’m proud of Karigan and how hard she has worked this volleyball season!!

Elder Eppich

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