Monday, November 25, 2013

"Super elect and prepared for us to teach him"

Elvis and Gabriel

Kpong football field
November 25, 2013


Well this was a nice week for Elder Steinman and I! We were able to see brother Gabriel and brother Elvis baptized yesterday!  Brother Elvis was the one who called us over and told us he was praying to meet someone from this church to fellowship with and brother Gabriel was one that was just super elect and prepared for us to teach him!! I'll try and send a photo of the baptism.

And yes i finally got that package from October and was super pumped when i got it! I was also able to receive a couple of Christmas presents that came super fast!!!

Dang, so super awesome, a few weeks ago I went on exchanges with a Senchi Elder and we did a lot of finding to help teach this missionary how to contact. We met this very nice older lady that seemed like she had potential to be a great investigator. A few days later after I returned to my area, the missionaries in Senchi went to go teach that nice older lady that we contacted and taught. When they got into the compound where she stayed they couldn't find her, and they asked other people  around in the same compound where she stayed and everyone said that there is no lady that stays here and have no idea who they were talking about. While they were looking for this lady they met a super awesome family that stayed in the compound that was very curious about what they had to share and the father came to church the very next day and then the family came the week after that! The missionaries in Senchi said that they think that the lady they went to go see was one of the three nephites or something like that, that would lead them to this elect family.  Hahah it was a really cool story and I thought I would share it with you! (I hope it all made sense Well this Saturday  our branch is having a temple trip and the missionaries are invited to go and so were going to take our RC (recent converts) and its going to be way awesome!!! Wel,l I love you all and hope you have an awesome week! That's awesome Kaitlan is having a boy and a girl!! I was hoping for two boys so they both can be big Walker outside linebackers hahaha. Love ya

Elder Eppich

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