Monday, November 11, 2013

Crazy, Busy Week

November 11, 2013 Family, Well this week was a crazy, busy week! On Tuesday morning Elder Jones and I came down from Ho to Senchi and went on exchanges with some of the missionaries there. Then we went to Kpong and met with our district president (President Tyson) and then we went to Odumase for the rest of the night and did exchanges once again. Then on Wednesday we went to Akuse and went on exchanges for the day. Then around 5 at night Elder Jones and I went to Accra for a meeting with all the zone leaders, I think there was 12 of us. It started at 9 am Thursday morning and ended around 4 pm. It was such a long meeting but we learned a lot and were able to get a lot accomplished. We headed back to Kpong and during this whole time Elder Jones and mine companions were with each other doing work in both our areas. We had all day Friday to proselyte in our area, and then Saturday we had a big wedding at our branch building. So us missionaries went and set up a little table with a bunch of handouts for people to take. It was a very nice wedding and they fed us afterwards so that was double bonus! So this week went by very fast for me but was very busy. Oh then on Sunday we had lights off and we had just got a new generator and when the generator kicked on it started a small little fire in the control panel so that was pretty exciting but we were able to put it out quick and then turn off all the power Haha, it could have been pretty bad if nobody was around or smelt the fire! It was cool we had this investigator come to church for the first time when we watched General Conference (they have only received Saturday am session) and they offered CDs of it after we watched the conference and our investigator named Gabriel took one and watched it like 4 times and he loved it! He said he was so touched and moved listening to the Apostles and Prophet! He came to church again yesterday and was participating in Elder's quorum class! He is an old man around 60 yrs old and really wants to be baptized as soon as he can and so we set a date of the 24th this month! Well family I love you very much and appreciate your support! Have a great week. Elder Eppich

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