Monday, June 9, 2014

Happy "20th" Birthday Elder Eppich

great friends - Elder Kisembe (Kenya) Elder Bongomin (Uganda) on their way to the airport

June 9, 2014


Well this last week was a very great one for Elder Izekor and I. So much happened! So before I forget, the branch in Tema New Town (my former area) is just doing so awesome! They had 100 people at church last week and 89 this last Sunday!!! So crazy and my recent convert, Sister Cecilia, got called to be Young Women’s President! It was so funny to hear that she was saying that she has only been a member for so long and they want her to do something so big haha. She is solid and will do great! Also, this weather here is crazy! Rainy season is hitting us hard and we are having days of rain it seems like. It’s awesome for us because we have a truck but not for other missionaries.

So President and Sister Judd’s last Mission Leadership council was held on Thursday, as well as for 4 of my super close mission friends, but it was amazing! We did it a little differently this time because President and Sister Judd wanted time to give their final Instruction to us leaders of the mission. Sister Judd always does amazing with her knowledge of the scriptures and linking it to missionary work, specifically for our mission. Then President Judd bore his testimony on so many different things and using the scriptures and at the close of instruction he started to cry. I have not once seen president Judd shed tears, (I have seen him get watery eyes, but never shed tears) and it was so powerful. He basically said we are future leaders of the church throughout the world (I want to say I feel like the missions in West Africa have the most diversity.... Africans, Americans, Europeans, Polynesians) and we better not ever let us down, it was great!!!

I was also able to see some of the greatest men I have met in Ghana on Friday night when they came for President Judd and Sister Judd’s departure devotional to the districts and stakes. It was the district president President Tyson and President Dugbatey! We got some pictures with them and so I was super happy because I was not able to get a pic of President Tyson before I left Kpong. Also, President Dugbatey’s driver’s name is Eric and I baptized his wife and so they are planning to be sealed in the temple here in the next few months so that was great news to receive!

Dang, so this week with different meetings and so much rain we weren’t able to teach very many people and see our investigators but the Lord blessed us with a good attendance at sacrament! One of investigator’s was Joel, who we just started to teach about 10 days ago, and the light in this man’s face is amazing. He just has a huge smile on his face every time we teach him and at church he loves it! Especially the Hymns (in Ghana a big things is playing drums and crazy music at other churches) so the quiet hymns were great. We will buy him a hymnbook. But the man that I want to talk about was so crazy! He came to church for the first time and was like begging for us to baptize him. He loved the service and knew that he had found the true church and will never leave it. He has been searching for the correct church but couldn’t find it and after 15 yrs. he has found it! He has been a part of different cults, secret societies, Hindu, Muslim and everything and couldn’t find what he was looking for. He has had so many troubles in his life that he needed help and he was talking to a lady one day about all of his challenges and she referred him to her brother who is a member of our church and so the man just came by himself and he absolutely loved it!!! So will see how it continues to go for him! But with cases like this it just brings a big smile to your face! I pray that the fire keeps burning inside him so he gets baptized at the end of the month.

Yup I still can’t believe it’s my birthday either! I already opened the package with the scriptures in them today because after I get done emailing today, my comp and I will be driving to the Volta region to help the missionaries there. We won’t return until Thursday and I wanted to take my awesome new scripture so I just opened it haha sorry but they are so awesome! Thank you very much!!! I will just use them to proselyte but I will use my other ones to study in! On my birthday we will be in Kpando, which is the furthest North the church has ever been in the Volta region and so that will be a nice day to kind of celebrate my birthday. Sorry for not sending many pictures I’m just so busy that it is hard for me to send them, but I have some I will send today. I love you all and hope you have a great week! I can’t believe Karigan graduated last week! So crazy. The church is true.

Elder Kade Eppich

President Tyson, district president for the Kpong zone

Kade's bed all decorated for his birthday

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