Monday, December 23, 2013

"Afechia pa" and "sending lots of love from Ghana"

Kpong Primary with Geckos made by BC1Ward
Kade's "family" in the mission (trained)

Washington Elders

December 23, 2014


Afechia pa… (a way to greet someone merry Christmas in Twi) this week was a very busy one again! We started off going to Ho Monday night so I can be with Elder Jones and prepare for our zone training meeting the next day. That went really well in my opinion. After we finished that we ate some pizza in ho and then came home. We then went to Accra on Thursday morning for our Christmas conference. That was was fun because we were able to meet up with all the missionaries and I was finally able to meet a familiar face! I saw elder Hatch right when I got there and was able to talk with him a little bit. He is doing really well and enjoying mission. It was so weird to see him though! I took some photos ill try and send. I was also able to some of my former comps and they are all doing well. Elder Kandeh is in his last transfer on mission! Oh also before I forget Elder Van Scheltema got called to be an AP in the other mission. I knew he would! He is a stud and I miss him a lot! After the Christmas party the Kpong zone and the Kofridua zone slept the night at the mission home and so elder hatch and I were able to talk more about things back home. We woke up Friday morning and left Accra back to our areas. Then on Saturday morning we had our branch temple trip and I forgot to tell you that the one a few weeks ago got cancelled and so elder Steinman and I went and helped with that. Which was good because there were very few Melchizedek priestholder there. So we enjoyed but when we returned home that afternoon we were so tired!!
I got the family Christmas letter and it was very nice the only compliant I have is that why is Karigan's picture the biggest and mine the smallest? I mean what the heck hahaha jokes it was all very good. I also received a letter from the Riries and it was very nice of them for thinking about me in the Christmas season! Also, I was able to give the Gecko key chains out to the kids and they loved it!!! I will try and send a photo and you can share it with Shaniel and aunt Kathi and the rest of the ladies. The older people in the ward wanted some too, they liked them so much and so they all got taken fast haha.
So hopefully Christmas Day we will be having baptism. Sister Pat is still scheduled for that day but I'm not sure if it will be a yes or no. I'm praying that it will be!! So we will see. If it does, it would be the coolest Christmas for me haha 6 months of working with her!! Normally we never spend that much time with an investigator but Sister Pat is different so let's see how it goes J
Well family, I love you and I'm grateful for the support you give me. It doesn’t feel like Christmas and so I don’t really have to worry about getting homesick. I'm excited to talk with you but it will probably be around 40 minutes long. Have a Merry Christmas! Sending lots of love from Ghana!

Kpong Soccer Match
Elder Eppich
Ghana Accra Mission - Decmeber 2013

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