Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"It will be a Christmas Never to Forget!

December 16, 2013


So this week was a crazy busy week and very tiring! On Wednesday Elder Jones and I got together with our district president (president Tyson) and discuss something that the district needs and then we went to Accra that night and spent the night there and had the Mission Leaders Council where it started at 9am then ended around 4pm. We talk about so much but it was sweet because for lunch sister Judd made us some ice cream with chocolate syrup with mango and bananas on it!! after the meeting Elder Jones and i headed back to Ho and i went on exchanges all Friday with missionaries there! then Saturday morning i came back to Kpong with the Cosgraves who were going down to Accra for a YSA meeting. When I got home I found out part of Sister Pat's shop that she sells African wear that she makes caught on fire from a candle. We went there for a couple of hours to help her clean up, she accepted a BD (baptismal date) for Christmas day and we're praying that it goes through!! She came to church yesterday and paid her tithing a third time! We're praying that the 25th is finally the day for her and her family! It will be a Christmas to never forget if all goes well! We had one of our RC (recent convert) whole family come to church yesterday and they loved it. We had been working with the father for a week or so and he has already come twice and so he will be baptised on Christmas day also and hopefully his wife will follow him the next Sunday after that!

So transfers really surprised us this time. No one in our entire zone got transferred! We all have our same companions and everything! I was happy because Kpong is too sweet, and Elder Steinman and I will enjoy together! I got all of the packages and so that was very nice and we opened that first package and started to decorate the place, so it looks really nice :)  well as nice as our apt can look like haha.(I sent pillowcases, Christmas stockings, 12" tree and battery lights and blue foam snowflakes

And yes we bought the triple combo for bro Deborah, but we buy them at the distribution center and it cost like 80 peswas which is 40 cents so it is nothing. Yes I gave the money for Christmas to Sister Avery on Thursday.

Well I love you all and hope you have a great week and remember the true meaning of Christmas!! 

Elder Eppich

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