Wednesday, August 21, 2013

All Africa Service Project

All Africa Service Project - August 17, 2013

Mango Tree in Kpong
August 19, 2013


Well this week went by very fast! And I think it was because we were working the whole time and it just flew by! You are right, it doesn’t happen very often when a missionary gets sent back to their previous area! They had 2 baptisms while i was gone, and then they had a few investigators waiting for us but only a few were very serious. We’ve been working hard here and looking for new people to teach. We taught 43 lessons this week. We have a few investigators that are preparing for baptism next week. One is Brother David who is 16 and he is a really awesome kid who doesn’t show too much enthusiasm but when we ask him about his baptism he just says, I know I have to be baptized and it’s what I want to do. Haha no smile or anything! He will be a great member! And then another girl is 14 yrs old. Her whole family is members but her, and it’s because she is deaf and so she goes to a school out of Kpong and is never home long enough for missionaries to get a translator to help them and teach the commandments and covenants. She will be around until September and so we have been working with her and there is a member in the branch who knows sign (I have no clue how but they do! Miracle right there) and so this week we will help her understand everything this week. Mostly just the covenants she is making. But she always has a smile on her face! And her mother is trying to teach us a little bit of sign to communicate with her. The mother only knows a little bit! And so she can’t translate for us. (Mom, my MTC comp was Elder Sulonteh from Liberia.) Training is really cool but stressful being a senior comp Haha because if you don’t get investigators at church than its all on you Haha and so I was just praying the whole time that people would come and at the end of sacrament meeting 7 investigators came in, I was so relieved!! That’s awesome about Ziggy. Nobody here knows him Haha. Ya all my RC love seeing me, but I get to see 2 of them only on Sunday because we don’t proselyte in Akuse anymore. Well I hope you all have a great week! I love you all! Oh the only down thing about being back in Kpong is that there are a ton more spiders! Oh I forgot that on Saturday was the whole Africa Helping Hands thing. Its where everyone in Africa on the 17th of August does a service project and so we went and worked on this old library. Painted, trimmed trees cut the grass. It was a really fun service project! We were suppose to get little vest that says helping hands on it and the Church’s name but our Branch President forgot them and so hopefully we will get them at PEC :) While we were raking all the cut grass this little snake pops out of nowhere and the girl next to me jumps a little bit and just takes her machette (they have a different name for it here) and cuts it in half :) Haha thank goodness she was there. But honestly they don’t scare me as bad, it’s just those first few seconds that get me. Love ya all! Elder Eppich

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