Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day Dad

19th Birthday dinner

Koforidua Zone

Termite Hill - 100 years old
June 17, 2013

Well to start off I just want to say happy Father’s day Dad and I love you so much and I’m so grateful/blessed for you to be my father!!
I’m finally a 19 yr old missionary and it feels so weird! I’m getting old Haha but it was a nice little birthday. After we got done emailing we went to the chapel and Elder Cserepes made some really nice fried chicken, Elder Hansen made this guacamole dip, and Elder Amumi(Kenya) made these Japates (not sure on the spelling) but I’ll send a picture of how it all turned out! It was quite the meal! I got dashed some biscuits because it was my birthday so that was pretty cool!
So not much happened this week besides we got 3 of our investigators baptismal interviews finished and so they are ready for baptism next week and then hopefully this next week we will be able to do a few more for the 23rd baptism! We found out yesterday on Sunday that we have 2 ladies in our ward that stay in our area who were baptized a long time ago but they can’t find their records on the church website and so they think they were baptized during the "freeze" in Ghana when the church wasn’t allowed to be there and so their records weren’t done! So I think next Sunday we might have to rebaptize them, but we aren’t sure yet and haven’t heard what exactly we’re suppose to do. We continue to work hard and try not to be pragmatic in our teaching but follow the spirit.
We were walking to church yesterday we saw this man carrying something around his neck. Everybody was running away from him and we realized that it was a huge python that was wrapped around his neck! It was his pet and he was just taking him on a little walk Haha. Crazy guy! I couldn’t get a picture because the man was already walking away and my comp wanted to go to church but it was a big snake!
I will answer some of your questions now. No we don’t have any senior couple missionaries right now and our mission needs them very bad! For breakfast I make eggs with sausage (just hot dogs but a different name here) and then toast some sugar bread and have bread and egg in the morning! It really nice! You can add tomatoes and onions in it as well for extra flavor. Yes we have transfers next week on the 26th I think and I’m pretty sure I’ll stay here just because I’ve been here for one transfer but who knows. Well it sounds like everyone is doing well there and having a fun summer! Have a good week! Love you lots!

Elder Eppich

We are teaching this boy's mom and he is the cutest little kid that rides this pink cinderella bike haha his name is fefe

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