Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy 19th Birthday Elder Eppich

Elder Kandeh, ward member, Sister Comfort and Elder Eppich in Kpong Ghana
June 10, 2013
Well this week went by pretty fast! It doesn’t seem like it at the time but when you look back on Sunday it’s like what the heck just happened? So I’m trying to remember what all happened this week.
To start off with some of the highlights off the week.  Sister Comfort was baptized yesterday! She was a little nervous but she was ready for it! The great thing about baptism here in Kpong is that it is right after church they have the baptisms so they have lots of support. That helps so much!! Then our last recent convert passed the sacrament today and that is always an awesome feeling! Oh and yesterday we had 12 of our investigators come to church!!! It was so awesome I was just blown away. It’s the most I have ever had come to church at one time!! And pretty much all the ones that came have baptismal dates. We got that number because this last week we worked so hard! We contacted so much and started to look for more of the elect and we came to find out that we have so many more areas that we are in charge of that missionaries have never even been to! So hard work pays off!!
This last week did not feel like rainy season!! During the daytime it was super hot!! But then at night time it gets to like 80 degrees so it feels so nice!! Oh and on a side note we had no lights, or water for 110+ hrs!!! It was like 4 days of nothing Haha! So that was pretty rough, but at night time we slept really nice because of the cooler weather. After the first day we figured out that it was just our compound without lights and so we call ECG and after 3 days they finally came and fixed the wiring problem!! When we would come home at night we would just change and go outside in our little compound and look at the sky!! It was really nice because all the stars you see back home are in a different part of the sky and upside down (exp. Big dipper) plus since we are on the equator we can see the different constellations that you can only see when you’re in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere! But it is so crazy to think about all the worlds that have been created and what is all out there.
And yes I got the packages! Thank you so much!! I was going to wait until my birthday to open it but this morning I was bored and so I decided that I would just open it anyways :) it was all perfect and I loved it!!
 The tro tro drivers here are super scary, I think I mentioned it before, but we were in a tro tro and the driver cut off a guy on his motorcycle and hit him and the guy crashed his motorcycle! He was ok but then they got in a heated argument about whose fault it was and they were pretty tenaciously engaged!! In my opinion it was the tro tro drivers fault but since the road rules are different here in may have been the motorcycle guys fault!!
So for right now we have 5 serious investigators for baptism on the 23rd by his grace all will work out but if not I know at some point they will be baptized! So the serious ones are Sister Patience who just married a member and is 30 yrs old and she really wanted to join the church so they can be sealed in the temple next year. Clement is a referral we received from Tema and his mom had just been baptized a month ago but he now lives with his Auntie and hasn’t missed a Sunday yet. -Future missionary-. Then Sister Happy and her husband Brother Samuel are doing really well. Also Brother Samuel lost his left hand and forearm. So the resurrection will be something good for him :). Then Kuturah is 10 yrs old and her mom is a LA that we brought back to church and now she wants her daughter to be baptized. Then last is Brother Eben who is 20 and we met last week when he came to church by himself. His Auntie lives in Italy and she told him about the church and so he came and really wants to be baptized! And so like I said "by His grace" they will be baptized on the 23rd but if not the 23rd then the next date!!
So I think that is everything that happened this week, oh btw mom my leg is fine from the dog bite except it is swollen and looks infected........ hahaha jokes I just gave you a fright! :) Well I love you all and thanks for the birthday wishes! Can’t believe I’m almost 19 :) love you all!
Elder Eppich

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