Monday, May 6, 2013

"An amazing feeling in my heart when I hear them talking about the people I have the prvilege to teach"

May 5, 2013


Well this week went by super fast! And was good for the most part! Our investigators we were suppose to take a man Adams to get a special interview from the mission president but he didn’t show up to the place where we were suppose to meet him and his phone was turned off so we were walking around everywhere trying to find him but could never find him so we missed our dang interview! It was frustrating but it actually turned out pretty good because he can still get baptized the 22nd and we had 2 extra hours of finding and we found like 3 new good investigators! So maybe us not going to Accra was suppose to happen and us to find these new people! The Lord works in mysterious was sometimes! But I know he had a hand in it! Then Eric and Mercy were supposed to be baptized the 8th as well but they aren’t married! But in Africa if both the parents recognize them as husband and wife then we are able to baptize them because in the African culture you have to buy the wife to marry her and sometimes the husband doesn’t have money so they can’t officially get married but still live together. So we thought both parents see them as married but I guess Mercy’s parents don’t so we have to wait till they get married. We’re going to try and have the bishop just do it in his office so they can be baptized!
Oh crap I remember what happened this week!!!! We got to watch General Conference yesterday!! It was so awesome and I loved every minute! We only got to watch the Saturday afternoon and the Sunday morning but it was better than nothing! It was so awesome to listen to them talk about West Africa! (No biggie) everything they said about the African people is so true! I think it was President Uchtdorfs, Elder Cook, and Elder Dickerson all talked about West Africa! It seriously puts an amazing feeling in my heart when I hear them talking about the people I have the privilege to teach :)
Oh shoot, ok so a few weeks ago that I forgot to tell you about was Elder Van Scheltema and I were in the market because that is where Adams works, and in the market it smells bad and is super dirty!! And this huge rat was running around the ground and he ran by my foot then I turned around to see where he went and some guy was walking with some stuff on his head and he couldn’t see where he was walking and he stepped on and killed the huge rat Haha it was so gross and nasty! It was still twitching for a while Haha. Then I forgot to tell you about the bats here! They are super big as well and at night time when you’re teaching people they will be flying right above you and the whole time I was afraid it was going to drop down on top of me!! These things are huge! But it reminded me of when we were at the cabin and I was a little boy and the bat flew in! Do you remember that??
So I don’t remember anything else that happened this week so I’ll try and answer your questions.
Yes there is still a propane shortage, it cost like 37 cedis to fill up a tank, were going to run out soon I think, but yes I eat at chop bars probably 80 percent of the time and the other 20 percent of the time I eat indoe me (top ramen)
I’m not sure if I’m gaining weight or not but Elder Van Scheltema and I want to weigh ourselves at the end of my training to see if we gained or lost weight the last couple of months.
Yes I got your package on Thursday!!! It came so fast and I was super surprised and happy! The pens are super perfect and whose tie was that? I like it a lot!! Then all the candy was perfect! The gummy worms were nice because Elder Ujifusa got a bunch of them in a package one time and I have been craving them ever since! So thank you for everything because packages are the best thing on the mission! (Besides baptisms and serving the Lord, but you know what I mean :)
Yes transfers are on the 15th and I’m pretty sure we won’t stay together which stinks because Elder Van Scheltema reminds me of Kraymer so much, plus if I get sent somewhere on the east side I won’t be in the same mission as him :(
-we don’t have a certain family that treats us super nice but one family called the Mensons will give us minerals (pop) and muffins sometimes. There is an elderly lady named mama Lee that lives in Mateheko side that feeds us every fast Sunday so we went there yesterday and she made super good rice!
Mangos aren’t in season yet,
Then our next baptism will be the 22nd hopefully but it stinks because I might not be here :(
Well it sounds like everything is going good there! It’s still flippin hot here and rainy season hasn’t come yet, but Ashley (McCary Woodside) will probably make it just in time for the rain! And I know where she is going Abomusu or something like that. That would be funny if I get transferred there! But I love you all and do good! It’s going to be weird to talk to you guys next week! Oh btw we will probably email president before we Skype so I will email you and give you an ETA of when we will be skyping.

Elder Eppich Jr

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