Monday, April 29, 2013

We got rain!

Elder Eppich, Ruth and Elder Van Scheltema
April 29, 2013
Well this last week was good, and went by pretty fast!
Just a few highlights of the week are that Ruth was baptized yesterday! She had been going to church for over a year with her sister and finally committed to a date but then at church she was second guessing it and the bishop knows her really well so he sat her down and talked to her about it. So in the end she was baptized and Elder Van Scheltema and I were very happy! I’ll try and send a picture of it. Debora still doesn’t feel ready for baptism so she is going to wait a little longer so hopefully the 8th she will be baptized! The next crazy thing that happened was that there was a BYU-Idaho choir that came to Ghana and we were able to go if we took an investigator so we took Debora and it was so weird!!!!! Way too many white people there!! The music was good but it was hard to concentrate when you’re looking at all white people Haha. But it was good because afterwards we took Debora around temple grounds and she really liked it! Oh and then another way awesome thing that happened is that Elder Van Scheltema and I met a little person who is super awesome and was wearing a Seattle mariners jersey!!! And it was Brett Boone!!!! Haha I was like that is so awesome!! Definitely one of the coolest things I’ve seen here (not really, but still) then yesterday Elder Curtis from the Area Presidency came to our ward because he didn’t have any specific place to be and we got to talk to him! So I’ve been able to meet a lot of GA’s while being here in Ghana!
So I think I have finally figured out what the hardest thing is here in Ghana and that is to see how poor some of the people are here. I knew I kind of talked about it earlier, but this last week we met a 10 yr old boy who has no parents and not going to school and just living on the streets but works in the market by carrying stuff for people, and he didn’t even ask for money just wanted to know what we were doing in Ghana. Then we later met an 18 yr old boy with the same situation but he graduated from Jr. High School but you have to pay for Sr. school so a lot of the kids don’t have money so they just drop out of school and they can’t really go any farther in life because of no education! It’s super hard for missionaries because we are not allowed to give money out. It’s hard to think about but God has a plan/reason for everything!
But we finally got a rain storm again on Wednesday! We woke up and it started to rain until around noon time! It was super hard at first but then just turned to a sprinkle after that! It was so nice to have a day without the sun!!! But it got my pants all dirty and I don’t like washing my pants by hand!
So the only wildlife we see are chickens, dogs, lizards, goats, sometimes donkeys. It’s not like we will see an elephant or lion just chillin on the side of the road Haha we would have to go to a zoo or reservation for something like that. Plus I’m not out in the bush so I don’t see monkeys. And yes lots of mosquitoes. I get bit all the time but I think the doxys are doing good. (doxy’s are the anti-malaria pill he has to take daily) And I don’t think I have an accent but who knows lol I can talk like the people here if I want to Haha oh and I got your letter with my little picture in the Mormon times....I’m pretty cool :) Haha jokes and I wasn’t able to print off the talks yet. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we will be able to finally watch conference!! And ya we have nice bikes! We can choose to walk or ride bike but it’s a lot faster to ride bike than walk!
Well I hope everything there continues to go good there and its going to be weird to talk to you guys in a couple of weeks! The church is true!

 Love ya!

Elder Eppich

BYU-Idaho traveling choir

Solomon and Elder Eppich. Solomon is wearing a Brett Boone jersey. Kade loved Brett when he played for the Mariners.

Elder Eppich in Kaneshie Ghana

Elder Eppich at the Ghana Accra Temple

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