Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"I Love This Place"

**We were planning on a 3 way skype with Kraymer and Kade on Monday after Mother's Day.  Unknown to us, plans changed and Kade wasn't going to be able to. So on Sunday during Sunday School, a strange number called that I didn't recognize. I declined it then it immediatley called back and I knew it had to be Kraymer or Kade. I went in the foyer and answered it. I talked for at leasat 5 minutes thinking I was talking to Kraymer becasue the accent was so thick. When I mentioned Kraymer's name Kade said, "this is Kade!!" I didn't believe him, I thought Kraymer was teasing me. He sounds like an African after three months. :) 
Kade, Deborah and Elder Van Scheltema
Last Baptim in Kaneshie Ghana

May 13, 2013
Well since we talked yesterday nothing new really happened, but I’ll try and say everything I did yesterday to let my friends and family back home know how things are going.
So to start off I think I’m getting transferred from Kaneshie which really stinks because I’ll leave Elder Van Scheltema and leave all the awesome members and investigators! :( but I will find out tomorrow morning what’s all going down. If I do get transferred its ok because I ended my last week with a bang! So Deborah was getting lots of persecution from her church but then she watched all 4 hrs of GC and the next time we went to see her she was more interested in being baptized. She said she wanted to have me and my comp there to see her baptism. We told her that I’m getting transferred and she was super sad because we have been teaching her ever since I got here and we have become really good friends! So she said she wanted to get baptized on Sunday if possible and have me baptize her!! I was super excited because in Kaneshie they want the members to do the baptisms to give them more experience, but this was a special case so I was able to baptize her on my last Sunday in Kaneshie!! I’ll try and send the photo!
Oh and I also got to go to the temple on Thursday because Elder Van Scheltema is training again so while he went to trainers council I got to go to do a session at the temple which was way awesome!!! Like always, I learn something new. Then on Saturday we were at the market going to teach someone and some of our crazy African ladies that we always pass by and talk to have a church hymn book for some reason!! And we were like what the heck!! And so in the market Elder Van Scheltema sang the Battle Hymn of Republic to them. Haha it was a really fun experience because we just have Africans walking by staring at us Haha love it! Oh and when we were going to the temple on Thursday we were in the tro-tro (bus) and it was super packed, super hot and bad traffic!! And to make it all worse we had a crazy lady stand up right next to me and started preaching to everybody and yelling at the top of her lungs!! She did this for about 20 mins and made no sense. Once she finally sat down, Elder Van Scheltema gave her a Restoration pamphlet Haha. Maybe next time she will preach true doctrine :)
Then one last thing is we met a guy and he was pretty educated but he was a crazy dude!!! He was saying the whole time that missionaries are really just spies and after we finish our 2 yrs , we go to the white house and report what we saw. He says it’s just one way how America is just trying to take over the world! Ha  
Well that’s pretty much all that really happened this past week! But it was a good week to end my stay in Kaneshie! I’m going to miss it like crazy! I didn’t realize how hard it would be to leave an area! And I’m going to miss Elder Van Scheltema! He has taught me so much and is a brother to me!! I honestly could never see him again (he is from South Africa) when they split the mission in July if we’re not in the same mission. I’m trying to get him to come to BYU. Well I love you all and things in Ghana are going awesome!! I love this place! Happy Mother’s Day again mom, love you :)

Elder Eppich, Jr

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